DIY Kid Halloween Costume – And How To Style After

DIY Halloween costume - And how to style after

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A few weeks ago, we started talking with the kids about Halloween.  All of a sudden Aubrey announced she wanted to be an orange for it.  I have no idea where that came from, but with 2 days of dress up at Preschool, I figured one outfit could possibly be that of an orange.  But, to make the most of our hard-earned cash, I figured it would be best to create a DIY outfit with regular clothing that can be broken apart to use with other outfits.  Here’s some options from Gymboree to give her that orange look.  (she’s hilarious, by the way).

Orange Costume - DIY from Gymboree

Orange Bow Leggings  |  Orange Striped Top  |  Orange Tutu Skirt  |  Green Bow Headband

Styling With The Top

Silver Inspired Outfit by Gymboree

Dark Denim Leggings  |  Silver Braided Headband  |  Silver Hi-Top Sneakers

Styling With The Leggings

Metallic Gold Outfit from Gymboree

Today Is Your Day tee  |   Gold Glitter Bow Headband   |   Metallic Gold Pineapple Sandals

Styling With The Skirt

Zebra Animal Outfit from Gymboree

Heart Tights  |  Animal Paradise Tee  |  Zebra tennis shoes

What creative costumes have you come up with in the past?


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