Disneyland {GNO}

Last week, I headed to Disneyland (And California Adventure) to have a different kind of Girl’s Night Out.  MJ, Michele, and I (The 3 M’s – not to be confused with the 3 muskateers) got there shortly after the park opened.  Michele has a season pass and goes often with her daughter, I have been recently this summer (with the fam and Aubrey) and MJ hadn’t been in at least a year or two.  With no kids in tow, it was time for some grown-up rides.  We went on Space Mountain first, hit up The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, and made our way to California Adventure in the mid-afternoon. Mama needed a cocktail! Or, beer. Yes California Adventure has an awesome beer truck to get a yummy refreshment.  And I had to get a corndog – I have had them here once before (5 years ago) and I had been thinking of them ever since.  Here’s the day in pictures!



Delicious lunch by Pirates & the Haunted Mansion




Watch out Princesses! There’s some new girls in town!


Single Rider Line – best thing EVER! (check it out near the exit and ask the Disney person for the ticket)


Loved the Little Mermaid so much, went on it twice!


Best corn dogs ever.


mmmmm beer!


3D glasses for the Toy Story ride


My score on the right. Michele kicked my butt the first round and last round. I won the other ones


Fake rock formations! Disneyland did an amazing job at building out Cars Land




Did you know about the Hidden Mickey’s? Sometimes they are like this (lights), other times formation of things, or chiselled into rides. Before they re-did Pirates, there was about 65 hidden from start to finish!



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