Dinner Party Etiquette

Last night, I forgot to tivo RHO Beverly Hills. But, as I was flipping through I caught it midway in the episode. Right at the dinner party scene.  Not sure how many of you watch the series, but to appreciate this post, you don’t to be a regular viewer.

Here’s a BRIEF rundown on the drama.

Kyle is a wife & mom to 4 kids. Camille is a wife (well, ex now) & mom to 2 kids. At a meeting together with some of the ladies, Camille mentions she’s going to Hawaii with the kids. Kyle asked if her husband (kelsey gramer) was going. Camille is koo-koo and thinks that by asking it meant why would she go without her husband. and therefore, was insulted.  Over 3 different episodes it’s gotten worse mainly cuz as time goes on Camille gets more dillusional.

So she decided to have a dinner party and invite the ladies from the show, including Kyle. Kyle already had plans with a girlfriend (Faye) so Camille said bring her along. At the table is the women of the show, Faye, and 2 of Camille’s friends – one a psychic, the other a girl that’s been on there before.

When I first started watching the dinner party scene. I kept thinking wow this psychic is a bitch! and then a few minutes later, a little banner pops up when the camera is on here and it says her name is Allison Dubuois.  From Medium. As in, the real Allison. wow, now I don’t feel bad the show based on her is being cancelled. Thank god she’s not ON the show cuz I’d turn it off  in 2.5 seconds.

If you can catch the rerun on Bravo, please watch it. It’s uncomfortable, and the whole time you might think what the hell is up with the electronic cigarette????

Here’s a clip from Hulu on how NOT to behave at a dinner party:


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