What A Difference A Year Makes

Exactly one year ago, the Dell Household got some amazing news.  A year ago I took a pregnancy test and found out we’d be expecting Luke. I still remember my reaction & Jon’s reaction.  Let’s start with me.


I have no idea why I took the test.  I didn’t really think I’d be pregnant. But, I figured there was a slight chance.  Before, when we were trying to conceive Aubrey, each test caused immediate sweaty palms, racing heart, and the longest 3 minutes to see if a second line would pop up.  This time? I took it, and sort of forgot about the test. I remembered a bit later to actually check. HOLY MOLY.  Jon and Aubrey were napping and I was just stunned.  When she woke up, I told her her. But at a mere 12 1/2 months old, she had no idea what I was saying.  I grabbed her, and went to tell Jon.  Meaning, I woke him up.  He was not pleased.  I should mention the day before we spent  tailgating and we both were not feeling 100% this particular Sunday.

So later on, when he woke up, I told him.  Well. he wasn’t even in the living room yet. He was still in the hallway when I just blurted it out “Um, so I’m pregnant.”  Jaw. Floor.  He leaned against the wall and just stared at me and said “what???”  Ya. Pregnant. 2 lines. New baby. Whoa.

The rest of the day was spent in utter shock.  And then we’d think about how we’d handle all of this, and then go back to the “really?”  Oh, I should mention.  Jon asked if I used one of those “internet cheapy pregnancy tests.”  Yes, I did.  But he said I need to use a “real” one. And guess what. that was positive too.

So mister Luke.  What a surprise, and a gift, you truly are.  You’re 4 months old now, and each day you become more of a person.  You giggle and smile and today you “played” with your sister.  She can make you smile too.  Which is great because I think you two will really have a great time together as you grow older.  Our lives were changed forever that day we found out you’d be joining our family. You’re a perfect fit. God knew what he had in mind for us.  Even if we didn’t think we could handle another baby so soon.  But we’re learning & adjusting.  You keep me on my toes – as you are so different than your sister was.  But it’s ok. I’m learning to embrace that spontaneity.  Even if it seems overwhelming at times.  And I LOVE your red hair!!!!


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    I found out a couple weeks before you- I suspected that’s what it was, but I felt flu-like and went to the doctor. They did a test and it was negative, so I assumed I really did just have the flu. But a few days later I decided to take another test at home, and it was positive. 🙂 We’re pretty lucky to have these boys!

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