Diapers for Luke – Switching from Cloth

Before Aubrey was born, I did a lot of research on cloth diapers.  From the moment we brought her home, we used cloth.  As time went on, we tried out a few different brands (gDiapers, BumGenius, Ones&Twos, Fuzzinbunz, Swaddlebees, Bottombumpers, GroVia) and settled on what we loved most.  Last summer, when Aubrey hit around 10 months, we hit a wall and I was struggling with ammonia buildup and spent a LOT of time trying to get rid of it and figuring out our wash routine.  If you’re a cloth diapering mama, or know one, you might have heard how battles come up time to time and a war against cloth.  Well, not cloth, but what can build up ON the cloth.

I was able to figure out a new routine, and ended up using disposables for overnight.  Aubrey would be in them for so long (from the moment bath ended to when she woke up was about 12 hours) that it just was too much. I’ve always had the belief cloth should be working to make your life easier, not harder.  So no biggie. I figured out the new wash routine and things were going good.  Then, we decided to put our house up for sale.  Between keeping the house clean, and my job, and family life, Jon and I decided to just put cloth on hold.  I couldn’t leave the diapers out in the sun to dry in case a buyer came, and I didn’t want to throw them in the dryer each time. It’s not good for the PUL fabric.

Then we moved.  Our new place we’re renting doesn’t have much outdoor space that is private or sectioned off.  We have a balcony off our bedroom (upstairs) and the idea of adding more stairs to this pregnant body was not appealing.  Then my work schedule changed.  Before, I was working from home in the mornings, and would pack up Aubrey and drop her off, and be in the office around 1 every day.  After talking to my boss, we swapped my schedule to work in the mornings till 12:30, then I’d pick up Aubrey, go home, put her down for her nap, eat lunch, and get back to work.  The afternoons flew by and thinking about laundry was never on my mind. Most of our stuff ended up washing over night. This new routine also cut down on diaper changes.  When she is with her grandmas – they use disposables. Cloth diapers should be washed every 2 days to keep ammonia build up at bay.  I would average about 5 diapers to wash.  Not ideal, especially when our new water company is a bit more expensive than the last and we’ve gone from a gas dryer to an electric.

So we’ve been here for 3 months and our cloth diapers are still packed up.  I’ve been thinking about potty training Aubrey once I am on maternity leave, to see how that goes.  Her preschool in the fall will take her in diapers, but she has to wear pull-ups to school.  I hear they’re more money, and more mess than regular diapers. So, I figured why not.  The diapers we currently have on hand start around 12 lbs.  Based on Aubrey’s measurements, she hit the weight right when I went back to work – which would start us back on the cycle of grandmas in disposables for Luke, and a few changes for us at home.

Jon has always been supportive of whatever I want to do – cloth, disposables, both.  We spoke a bit before and he said he just wants me to be able to balance things out, and right now the lack of cloth diaper laundry has given me time to hang out with the family more, blog more, etc.  So after some thought, I felt it was best to go disposable this time around.  But I am nervous about blowouts. We had 3 with Aubrey the entire time she was in cloth.  We’ve been getting some every now and then (more leaks than a full on blowout) and I know that there’s a bunch of different brands and I’m all up for trying things out.

But one thing I am always working on is finding the best deal on anything.  I’ve blogged about our budget & accountability series, buying things second hand, and I’ve tweeted about the bargains I find on clearance.  So a recent trip to Target had me curious on the cost of Pull-Ups and led me to 2 great deals – one on Size 2 diapers for Luke and Pull-Ups for Aubrey.  Luke’s diapers were Huggies, 140 count for $17.98 (50% off) and Aubrey’s was

I have the Baby Connect app and pulled up the information we plugged in for Aubrey.  We tracked, when I was home on maternity leave, each diaper change, nursing times, plus her medical information (height/weight/immunizations).  Below is a screenshot of her diaper changes from when she was born.

Diapers for Luke - Switching from Cloth - Melissadell - 1

Below is the chart of her weight.  The size 2  diapers are from 12-18 pounds.  Not to say that Luke will gain at the same pace as Aubrey, but she would have been in that range for 6ish months.  I only steadily tracked diaper changes while I was home, and that was October/Nov/Dec and as you can see, that was  A LOT of diapers. (over 650 from the moment she was born).

Diapers for Luke - Switching from Cloth - Melissadell - 2

Basically I think what this means is I need to go back and buy more clearance diapers. 🙂  I can’t believe we’ll have a new baby boy in a month or less!


  1. Aileen says

    We’ve used disposable since day 1. With T we’ve stuck with Huggies or the Kirkland brand at Costco (which is pretty much the same as Huggies) and in 20 months we’ve only had 4 blowouts. As far as best price I pretty much stock up at Costco on Huggies or Kirkland, depending on which coupon they have. I will shop at Target, mostly for the the overnights (we use Huggies as well and have never had a blow out with them) and always try to find a Huggies manufacturer coupon and look for a Target coupon so I can stack them as well as get the 5% off with the RED card.

    Btw, awesome you got those clearance diapers at Taret. Great price!

  2. Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy says

    We did cloth part time with Noah and when Bryce was born I completely lost the energy to deal with the extra laundry. Look at you with all the charts!! That was so me. I showed up for Noah’s drs appointments with a spreadsheet of all our feeding session times etc my doctor looked at me like I was crazy!

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