Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali

Jon and I were invited by America’s Best Racing to attend their Derby Day at Santa Anita Park.  

Jon and I might have a sort of have this thing where we place bets against each other.  Who thinks both cars can fit in the garage, who thinks they won’t.  (right now, they don’t.) Sometimes it revolves around movie stars, who’s been in what show or something in the past.  When we decided to meet up with America’s Best Racing for a day at the races, of course that means a friendly bet ensued.

Derby Day - Bringing Kentucky to Cali


What did we bet? Well, winner chose dinner.  So Friday, Jon printed out all the information on all the races and poured over them. He also picked back up Saturday morning while I was getting ready to get an idea of what horses he would pick.Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


I don’t really roll like that. At the races, I took about 2-3 minutes to look over those sheets he spent a lot of time on, and picked some horses that looked good. Then I just took a leap of faith on one or two horses, and picked to Win, Place, Or Show.  (if you’ve never been, win means 1st place, place means they come in 1st or 2nd, and show means they come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd).


So then, we got dressed and were ready to roll!  My friends, Noelle & Brittney, create these amazing fascinators (and other goodies!) through their Etsy Shop – One Canoli. I asked if I could borrow one and Brittney came up (with her new baby boy Deegan!) and I chose this one. And then I added some bling. Cuz, it’s bling.  And then I decided that this might just go “missing” and I cannot give it back 😉  Jon got a new outfit too and I think we both looked kinda awesome 🙂

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


When we arrived, it was just before the first race. I didn’t place any bets but Jon did. Oh wait, let me back up.  So our bet.  Our bet was to see who would end up with the most money at the end of the day.  We each had $30 to gamble with.  Jon and my methods are different – he’d do a few bets each race, I was mostly betting on one, for the lowest amount.  Sometimes he’d bet more, sometimes less.


Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


I bet on the 2nd race and I can’t remember if I won. I think I did. something small.  But on the 3rd race, I placed 3 bets and won on two! Jon had been up and down with bets so it was still a tight race.

And then lunch happened.  It was really good food. The salad on the left with the blue cheese crumbles was so so so good.

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali food at santa anita park


During that lunch, after I was mostly done, a new race was about to begin.  I was on the fence to bet, because I didn’t have much time. But Jon told me to just go. So I did. And then I won $20. HOLLA!

Feeling fancy in my fascinator. See the bling? I have so many colors of Swarovski crystals I was able to get pretty good match ups with the feathers!

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali

So that $20 win? Was pretty much the beginning of the end for Jon.  My voucher was on the left and his on the right.

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


During lunch, I met a new blogger (who I knew was coming but I hadn’t met before).  Amber (From Carpools to Cocktails) and her husband are all sorts of awesome. I’m so glad they came and sat with Jon and I and we loved talking shop, and the guys talked about…I’m not really sure. But they did talk a lot! Oh and we also ventured downstairs to another party to see about trying out Mint Juleps.  We ran into two younger guys who were on a winning streak. And after talking a bit, and walking around, they bought our first ones. I was honestly not a fan. LOL

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


When we were grabbing our cocktails, I had left my bets back at the table. But the race that occurred I was PRETTY sure I had picked the winner.  I texted Jon and he said “yep. you sure did [pick the winner]”.  And that’s when the contest was pretty much done for.

Derby Day – Bringing Kentucky to Cali


At the end of the day, we held our hands out with what we left with. I had $56.10 and Jon had a big fat NOTHING.  SO. That meant…

image (2)

Dinner – my choice.  Sam’s Flaming Grill is awesome. This is their Chicken Kabob meal and I also got some awesome cucumber yogurt stuff to mix in. It was the perfect ending to the night. And yes, that is Luke’s high chair tray. Makes the perfect lap tray for watching tv!

oh AND! congratulations to California Chrome for WINNING THE KENTUCKY DERBY!! I wish I took a video of everyone standing, jumping, yelling & cheering you on!!!!

Thank you, again, Jose & America’s Best Racing for treating Jon and I to a fun day and lunch! Jose we have learned so much from you! 

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