Decor Idea!

Ok so I was talking with Michele about an upcoming shower I am going to, and what I want to buy and stuff. And ideas for my shower (yes, I think about these things months in advance!) and I was saying how I love the idea of giving a favorite board book or children’s book as part of the gift so the library for the baby can represent favorites of the guests.  So she told me how there’s this fabric bookshelf (???) that she heard about. Google is my friend so I quickly found this instructional post:

Fabric Bookshelf

So stinking cute! Since we’re using our bedroom as part nursery until we are able to move, I think this is a great way to store some books to read to our little one!


  1. Liz says

    Soooo I’m just getting caught up and I’m behind reading your blog…but I came across this today and I thought I’d give you a tip about the book thing….you know my hosts asked everyone to bring a book in place of a card (ah hem, didn’t get any from my SoCal girls jk) but only some people wrote in them. Be sure to have a pen at your shower with you so those who didn’t put their name in the books can. I love how full Juls’ bookcase is with book from all those who love her! I always tell her who the book is from (if it’s in there) when we sit down to read at night!

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