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I can’t tell you the last movie Jon and I saw in a theater. Wait. Maybe it was The Hunger Games when that first came out. I remember Aubrey was a baby. And now she’s 20 months. Yikes.

I had been wanting/planning/hoping for a date before Luke arrives but wasn’t sure what we would do. Night time dates won’t exactly work since my mom can’t check on Aubrey asleep (since its upstairs) and my mother in law doesn’t like driving at night (and seriously with my pregnancy vision I totally understand!!).

When my mom texted asking if we wanted to have a day together after church and she’d watch Aubrey, we were totally game! I checked show times and saw that movies start as early as 10! Who knew? I did not obviously. We could have Aubrey dropped off by 9:45 after church, grab some breakfast, and make it to a show. And the best part? We’d be done in time to get her for her nap – and ALL of us could sleep!! Win-Win!

We have been spending a lot o money lately which makes our budget & accountability difficult. Our TV broke, printer broke, lights went out in the kitchen, plus the baby stuff we’ve been compiling. So the compromise was it had to be a “free” date day.

No problem! I went through my stash of gift cards and came up with one for Whole Foods and we already had plenty of gift cards for the theater. So off we went!

Daytime Date - 1

My outfit – you might recognize from this post. I loved wearing it! So comfy. And so pink! Jon asked if I really wanted my photo in front of a concrete wall. I said yes – that’s how bloggers do it!!
{dress & jacket – old navy, purse – michael kors, shoes – target}

Daytime Date - 2

Jon wasn’t sure what options Whole Foods would have for breakfast – honestly I didn’t either. But I knew they had lunch stuff and figured there had to be breakfast. I was right! There were some yum egg dishes, different “pizza” options, bacon, oatmeal, etc. You pay based on the weight of the plate, just like you do with their lunch options. We split a blood orange soda – I pretended it was like a mimosa. Ha ha!

Daytime Date - 3

After we enjoyed our breakfast outside, we headed to the theater. The lines were pretty long for so early but it moved pretty quickly. We had a lovely conversation with the mom behind us – she said her advice to parents is ALWAYS see a movie when you can (while pregnant). She has an 8 year old boy and 4 year old twins (boy & girl). She added after kids it’s pretty much animated films only. They were going to see Monster’s University, which I wouldn’t mind seeing.

We saw Now You See Me and really enjoyed it. The theater was pretty empty but we laughed out loud at a few parts and enjoyed some popcorn and drinks. Yes even at 10:30 you can have that. Well, actually we got it about halfway through.

After we left, picked up Aubrey, who had her own morning of fun, and all headed home to nap. A perfect Sunday if you ask me!!!


  1. says

    I love, love this!!
    I keep meaning to eat, not just shop, at Whole Foods! And the blood orange mock-mimosa sounds yummy!
    What a fun morning 🙂 I am glad it worked out!
    …and LOL about the brick wall photo!! …it’s true!!

  2. says

    Yay for date day! We saw the hobbit before I had pumpkin. Was a little hard to sit through that long of a movie on my preggo bladder though. haha You look amazing and congrats on making it a mostly free event!

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