Day Trips With Kids

I have about 5 more minutes of quiet before it gets loud again. And on my phone so excuse typos.

This weekend we had 2 packed days at the beach with family & friends. Have you gone on day trips with kids? It involves a lot of stuff if you plan/hope/pray they nap. We have a pack n play, a rock n play, a sound machine, video monitor, sleep sheep giraffe, swaddle pod blanket, regular snuggle blanket, and Violet. That is JUST for the kids to sleep.

We still have a high chair, food, diapers & toys in the mix. Plus margaritas for mom. Yesterday I packed my iPad and a magazine I’ve had for 2 months. It’s still unread. Are you tired yet?

I’m currently sitting inside with the ocean breeze making its way into the house. The baby monitor is to my right and Aubrey is at the ocean with Jon

Oh wait. They are now back and within 10 minutes I hosed her off, changed her, got her a water, a snack, and now she watching Daniel Tiger on my iPad.

I better hurry up and enjoy the “quiet” of one baby vs 2!

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