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A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Maria sent me a link. This one, actually.  I liked it, but then got distracted and didn’t really browse through it.  The USA part threw me off – until Maria pointed out that it’s based in LA but there’s other cities involved too. So I went back to the page, and saw they were having a mixer in Santa Monica later in the month.  I was hoping Maria would join me. Yes, I’m outgoing, but sometimes, I get shy.  {shocker}  Sadly, she couldn’t go. I ended up following the founder, Elise, on Twitter and within 3 minutes {seriously}, she tweeted me back and added on a few other women all from Santa Clarita. Most of them were also in the wedding industry.  Lindsay, of Petalicious, Emilee of Tastefully Tattered,   and Brienne of Brienne Michelle Photography.  We chatted a bit and tried to set up a coffee date before the meet up, but it did’t work out.  So over time, using the hashtag #CreativeConnectionLA – I met other women, all who would be attending this mixer.

Finally the day arrived and I got ready, armed with cards, and no expectations.  I love mixers, but sometimes you’re not sure how the dynamic will work.  And of course, LA traffic wasn’t awful, so I got there 45 minutes early. Oops. I met Emilee, Shannon, and Molly as they were getting everything ready, and soon more women arrived.  Becca of Becca Rillo Photography {also from Santa Clarita!} was on hand to take photos of the event.  So, I’ll let those speak!





new Twitter picture!

Becca - our photographer!

{Becca’s photo by Araceli Olivas Photography}

We all had a great time at the venue – Upper West in Santa Monica and the 3 hours FLEW by.  So, if you’re a creative person, wedding industry or otherwise, like the group on Facebook! And if you’re in another city, feel free to contact Elise to set up a chapter near you!


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    Thanks for the shout out girlie 🙂 It looks like it was so much fun!! We’ll definitely need to try and get to that next one together.

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