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When I was at the Pregnancy Awareness event in May, something on the Crane USA booth caught my eye – an adorable choo-choo train.

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Luke is such a boy and loves all things that move – planes, trains, cars, trucks, etc.  He recently got his own little train set for his 2nd birthday and he’s officially obsessed.  When Crane asked if I’d like to try out the Crane Train Cool Mist Humidifier (the first to launch in their transportation line) I might have yelled out YES!!!  I only had one worry – I’d never be able to get it out of Luke’s room.

Crane Train Humidifier  Review

Shortly after it arrived, we were fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to need it for him.  He had caught a bit of a summer cold and was coughing quite a bit at night.  Jon and I set up the Crane Train Humidifier in his room and I’ll be honest, it took us a few tries to figure out how to turn it on.  Leave it to us to never first think to look it up in the instruction manual.  There is a knob built in to the back rear tire that turns to control the amount of air humidity it expels.

We previously owned a Crane Duck humidifier (that they also sent to us shortly after Luke was born) that had a mishap during our move into this home.  In our last home – we used it elevated on the ground as suggested.  We had it on a small stool on the ground.  With this train, I was afraid Luke would get up and start playing with it in the middle of the night or in the morning.  We placed it up on his dresser, which is pretty tall (Maybe 3-4 feet tall?)  Word of caution if you use it on something that tall – it will leave the surrounding surfaces quite wet in the morning.  Crane suggests using some sort of hard material underneath to protect wooden surfaces and still keep the fan underneath clear of debris.

As I thought – Luke loves the train.  The steam comes up the front smoke stack and is so well thought out!  It holds a lot of water and lasted all night and then also during his naps the following day.  Whenever you’re not using it – be sure to keep all parts open to dry out.  The best thing about the Crane humidifiers is the lack of filters.  If you’ve ever used one with a filter – you know how gross they become.  I have a bad habit of forgetting to dump out the water after each use so these filter-free humidifers are a godsend for me 🙂


But, these cutesy kid friendly humidifiers aren’t the only thing Crane makes.  They also make something super awesome for the tech lover in the household.

Crane USA Smartdrop Cool Mist Humidifier review

This Crane SmartDROP Cool Mist Humidifier comes with the stand and is to be used with their app. You can use it without, but it’s best used with the app.

Crane USA SmartDrop Cool Mist Humidifier Review

From your phone, you can set up the amount of output of cool mist, the amount of humidity that contains, as well as timers to start or end it.  This is a GREAT tool to use if your kids are sleeping in the other room.  Aubrey caught her case of sniffles a day after Luke and I set her room up with this one.  I knew she’d be more careful with not tipping it over once it was set up on the floor.  You can view the water monitor but hers also lasted all night just like Luke’s train.  There’s about a 10 second delay from when you turn it on or off remotely, and if you have multiple devices set up in your home – it’s easy to set up each one and control them all separately.

The app is available through Itunes as well as Google Play for whichever smart phone you might have.

I had a lot of fun tinkering with her humidifier and whenever we’re not using either – we store them in our laundry room on a shelf (after they’ve been completely aired out).

Thank you Crane for sending us these goodies.  Oh and if you travel a lot, you have to check out the cute mini humidifier!



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    Love this! What a cute idea for kids. I love that the steam comes out of the top – it’s such a creative design. Their app looks awesome too! I could see myself using that a lot. Great info! 🙂

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