Crafting {birthday edition}

As you might have read, I have a special little birthday coming up for a very special little girl next month.  This is the first party that I’ve been able to plan it how I want since my wedding.  I’m going all out. Not really, not breaking the bank, but I’m doing what I do best – craft.  And I’m also following the same path I did with all my wedding DIY work – starting early and spacing projects out.   But I’m also adding in a bit more girl time to help with some of the projects. 

When I worked on a lot of my wedding stuff before, there were some things I couldn’t relinquish control over.  I remember spending many rainy cold winter days in our little guest house, cutting & gluing and punching away for invitations.  I spread everything out so it never seemed too daunting of a task, but being by myself got pretty lonely. 

MJ and I had planned to have a craft day last month, to work specifically (for me!) on things for Aubrey’s birthday.  So that was this past weekend and we also had an additional guest – Emily – and both ladies were helpful in knocking off some of my to do items.  It took a very short amount of time, and I’m sure they were quite happy to hear “that’s it!” as we finished the last project.  Here’s a few pics of what we all worked on.

Crafting for Birthdays 1

Thank you tags – hand written by Emily, using the awesome glue pen Andrea raves about (and was in our swag bag from the Craft Cabinet!)

 Crafting for Birthdays 2

MJ helped make all the favor tags for the kids. I made them for all kids invited, so no rushing around last minute to complete them after the RSVPs roll in.

Crafting for Birthdays 3

These fun little guys will help decorate the cake table area

Crafting for Birthdays 4
And because all girl days are more fun with mimosas – made the Melissa Mimosa – OJ, Champagne, and a splash of whipped cream vodka. Mmmmm!

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