Consciously Being More Productive – CoSchedule Review

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule.  I signed up for a 2 week trial and will be purchasing a discounted paid subscription in exchange for this post. 


Review of CoSchedule

A year ago, I was manually keeping tabs of all my posts, separated by sponsored and non-sponsored content.  Part of being a successful blogger is having more eyes on your content.  I figured with this monthly reminder of what I had written, I could flip back every now and then and schedule out some tweets or Facebook updates in case someone missed a post, or to capture a new audience.

I had some amazing intentions.  But here’s the deal, something I’ve learned about me…. If I don’t stop and take action IMMEDIATELY then I will forget about it.  And then I will remember at all the inconvenient times – driving Aubrey to preschool, at Target, or during the kids’ bath time routine.

As mentioned here, I have been working with a business  coach to work on tackling and streamlining what I love to do, what I want to do, and how to get it all done.  On our initial call, she immediately picked up on my need to prioritize and make things simpler in order to be more productive.  She suggested I check out CoSchedule and mentioned their free 14 day trial (without the need for a credit card to sign up).  So, we hung up and the next day I signed up for it.

CoSchedule Top Posts Statistics

When I signed up, I was initially drawn to the statistics page.  Call me a nerd, but I live for statistics.  I knew that my Budget & Accountability post was popular. BUT, check out those shares on Pinterest! According to one link I have saved, I thought I only had a few thousand.  I was also extremely excited to see how many shares were on a sponsored post on our Lemon Tree.  I didn’t think that one saw much love.

But I went back to the main purpose of CoSchedule – to have an easy integration with WordPress on scheduling as soon as you finish writing a post.  You’re able to link up to Twitter & Facebook (previously they had Pinterest but the API key for Pinterest kept causing integration problems so they pulled it from their offerings. I appreciate their transparency with why they removed it).  You can create text, text with image, or a straight link to the post.  You can also create straight social campaigns on old posts (which I’ve done to help drive awareness to past content).

CoSchedule Review - Creating Social Post Campaigns

They offer windows of times and schedule the times randomly – sometimes it’s 8:47, 9:12, little details like that to have people think you basically have nothing better to do than just sit at your computer.  BUT REALLY, you’re smart and did all your scheduling at 10pm at night after the kids were in bed, you made lunches, and you might have Call The Midwife playing next to you.

One thing I’ve noticed is the increased reach on Facebook.  It could be a few different things – but my CoSchedule updates on Facebook seem to have a more consistent reach than when I manually plug it in to Facebook.  Take that with a grain of salt, but little stuff like that adds up!

When my initial trial ran out, it was in the midst of our chaotic life with Jon gone in Germany.  I emailed the customer service rep who asked for feedback as my trial was concluding, and I expressed how I hadn’t had time to look back through the stats to see how things have been performing to know if it’s worth it to make the leap.  I asked if there was any way to have a few extra days’ access to check, and she extended it out. Simple, easy. That’s how customer service should be!

So now that life has gotten back to normal – the question is Will I take the plunge and sign up?

Yes.  Because the cost of CoSchedule is worth its weight in gold with being able to simplify some things for me as a blogger.  Sign up for the trial and see for yourself!

(additional image from CoSchedule on creating future shares)

CoSchedule Review - creating social share campaign


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    Thanks for posting this great review of CoSchedule! Looks like you are off to a great start. I love the Top Posts page too. Its my favorite way to quickly schedule out social shares of my top performing posts to get them some more love! Great review!

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