Contour Makeup – Which Is Better?

So, you know I’m building up my makeup repertoire since last year.  I’ve shared some of my favorites, and even some looks to make with it.  I’ve been spying up the Maskcara palette for awhile, and finally bought it earlier this month.  Except, I don’t love it. Why? Because I need more coverage throughout the day.  So with all the YouTube videos I’ve been watching, I learned about the Wet n Wild contour kit and put both to the test.  Each half is a created look with the contour makeup.


What do you think of my intro? Decided to be a little creative Friday night in between puke sessions Aubrey was having :/

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    I love this, Melissa! Highlighting/contouring is one of those scary/pricey parts of makeup – hearing your taking on various brands and powder vs liquid is helpful.

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      So true! But after using it more, I think I’m leaning towards keeping the Wet ‘n Wild and returning the Maskcara. I’ve also been LOVING the Rimmel foundation (red cap). Not sure if you have it by you but I liked it because it’s a bit of a thicker formula than the blue cap one!

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        I’ve heard a lot of great feedback about Rimmel but never tried it. I’m just getting used to what’s available here – a lot of the same brands but limited selections! Thanks again for the info!

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