Common Courtesy?

So, let me first start by saying how much I love my Kia. I love my Kia Sorento (2011) so much, this is my second (after an unfortunate accident last october).  I love my Kia so much I drove to San Diego to buy another one (or perhaps it’s my insanity of wanting the EXACT model/color/options).  That’s a 2 1/2 hour drive folks! Without traffic. The nearest dealership to me is where I got it the first time, in Palmdale, which is about 30 minutes north of me.  When I bought that one, I got free oil changes for 5 years. Sure, it was a long time round trip (driving, waiting) but hey, it was free!  And they would check for any recalls and fix that for me.

So when I found out about 2 months ago that a Kia dealership was opening in Valencia, I was SO excited.  And even better – shortly after in the mail I received a flyer advertising a $19.99 oil change!  This is huge, because the first oil change I’ve done was at the Valencia Car Wash and I had a $24.99 coupon, but they told me it was going to be another $10 for my filter. But oh wait, they didn’t have my filter. So I’m still driving around with the same original one.

So, yesterday I called, and the guy (in all honesty) sounded like he didn’t know WHAT he was doing. He kinda stumbled over his words, lots of long pauses. Ok I know you’ve only been open a short time, but surely you know phone etiquette?  So he said just to come in, no need for an appointment. Awesome.  So this morning I went over, brought a book and my coffee, and walked in to the service area.  There was a girl behind the counter, sitting at a computer. Didn’t even look up.  So the following ensued.

me: Hi, I’m here to get an oil change on my Kia.

girl: Just have a seat. He’s helping someone right now.

So I park it, watch the news, talks about Carmegeddon (a post to follow on that later).  Then I start browsing online on my iPhone.  About 20 minutes later, I talk to her again.

me: So, do you know how much longer he’s going to be?

girl: Oh, he should almost be done.

Now, keep in mind she’s not moved from this computer.  Actually. I take that back. she did get up to talk to one of the service men. Couldn’t he help me? I guess not.

So, after a grand total of 30 minutes of waiting, I grabbed my coffee, purse, phone, and walked out.  She was still at the desk and didn’t say anything.  I go out to my car and this guy (whom I’m assuming I was waiting for) is there. The following ensued.

guy: Hi did you need help with something?

me: Yes but I’m tired of waiting so I’m leaving

guy: (blank stare)

I walk towards my car door

guy: I didn’t know you were here

me: Well, I told the girl at the main desk that I was here. And she told me to wait.  I got tired of waiting

guy: Oh. (blank stare)

I get in my car, start it, he’s still staring at me.  So he walks around to my driver side window. I think about just leaving. but I rolled down the window.

guy: I really didn’t know you were here.

Yes dude, GOT that.

me: Like I said, I told the girl at the desk, I waited, and I’m leaving.  Bye.

Rolled up the window and drove off.

So yes, kudos to me for flexing my consumer muscle.  While I was initially so excited to have a dealership local to me, now I’m pissed. How could you guys have such a crappy system for getting folks in the door? I’ve been to other places before. You have someone do the intake, and ya, it might take awhile for service. But damn 30 minutes just for them to even know WHY you’re there? So take this as my official rant.

While I love my Kia, I do not want to, in any way, promote the California Superstore of Valencia Kia.  This is a review of the California Superstore of Valencia Kia’s service department. But honestly, if their service department is that lame, really not sure how the dealership part would be. 

Now for your help.  I need to find a place to get my oil changed! Preferably a place that has coupons (from time to time), that won’t have some secret upcharge of adding on a filter.  Because really, if I’m there to get my oil changed, I would expect the oil FILTER to be included.  So please leave a comment and let me know where to go in Valencia, CA. And if you do want a great recommendation on where to buy a Kia where there’s little BS and the folks are SUPER awesome, check out Rally Kia in Palmdale, CA or Kearny Pearson Kia in San Diego, CA.

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