Come Shop With Me – Target January


I’m a wee bit behind sharing some of my lifestyle vlogs that I have featured on my YouTube channel (have you subscribed?).  You might recall I got a new camera for my birthday.  I used it for a bit but wasn’t a huge fan of the slow auto-focus.  When on the go, I wanted to have something with a quick reaction since I’d be sharing products and might be doing close ups and then back to just talking.  That camera was NOT cutting it.  I did some more research and found the one that has turned out to be amazing!  The Canon PowerShot G7 X is all that and more. It’s compact but does have a bit of weight to it.  The zoom is great and I love the touch screen. You can use that to help focus or just let it do its own thing.  It’s been working well in low-lit situations.  It has a great way to share media to my phone through wifi or bluetooth.  I’ve also been using the iMovie on my iPhone to edit clips together (like this one below).

Check out one of the first vlogs with it.  I headed to Target with Luke & Ryan.  Check out below for follow-up with what I purchased!

So, Luke’s first day of school was great. I really need to catch up on his first day – check for that next week! I have really been digging the Simple Micellar Water to clear off my makeup at night (and after my showers in the morning).  I use regular cotton rounds to pour some of the water on it to remove.  I don’t feel my eye area is as greasy as before.  But the mascara I’ve been using (Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara) is really difficult to remove.  I have to use one round with each eye to get a clean slate.  But, the mascara is awesome. So I will keep using it.

I also shared about the battle of the Crayola Colored Pencils (Traditional 50 count vs fancy Adult coloring 50 count) and it’s really not worth the extra money. I didn’t buy the fancy ones but I’m content with the old-school style.  (and, that reminds me – if you’re looking for a huge variety of coloring books, check out this video)

I need to head back to Target because I feel like the dollar spot is calling my name.  Or, should I say, the 3/5/7 spot.

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