Color Schemes for Family Photos

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School is back in session and the leaves are starting to turn colors for some parts of the country.  Not here, not in SoCal.  But it’s the time of year when we start thinking about family photos and what everyone is going to wear.  It’s time to start searching websites to find the right color schemes for family photos.  I’ve pulled some of my past year posts and will be sharing this year’s color theme as well!

In 2013 we took our first series of professional photos with our family photographer – Becca Rillo.  She’s also an amazing Los Angeles Wedding photographer as well as maternity and birth photography.  Our family photos centered around the blues and greens and it was a great contrast to the area we took it at – Placerita Nature Center.

Color Schemes for Family Photos

It is absolutely ok to pattern mix for family photos – which is great because now we’re a family of 5 and it helps to add depth and dimension to your photographs.

In 2014 the kids were at that fun stage where they really didn’t want to do anything we wanted them to do – and instead just ran all over the place.  This time our photo session was at Hart Park and there were some animals near by for the kids to actually pause for Becca to capture some sweet moments.

Color Schemes for Family Photos

We still relied heavily on the blues and greens (oh man I miss those pants!) but we added in a pop of coral through Aubrey’s dress and Lukey’s shirt.  There wasn’t as much pattern mixing going on this year, but we did have a few different textures.

Last year, we had one new little guy to incorporate into the photo.  It took a lot more for me to plan out our outfits and the colors were so much different than the past.  I relied on a dark crimson to incorporate as much as possible and overall the colors were much darker.  We were back at the Placerita Nature Center and I think one of the best last minute additions was a blanket scarf that tied all of our colors together.

Color Schemes for Family Photos

This year, I purchased all of the kids’ clothing from Carter’s.  They were having a sale Labor Day Weekend and I got in the mood to shop.  For our photos this year, I blended all of the past years with the style of our clothing.  Here are some tips on how to plan your color schemes for family photos.

How To Plan Color Schemes for Family Photos

  • Start with one garment that’s a must have and build out for the rest of the family
  • Mix patterns of different size.  Use large gingham with small checkered. Use large zig-zag with smaller polka dots
  • Remain in the same color family if you’re using similar solids.  (check out the different blues and greens from our 2013 and 2014 photos)
  • Don’t forget shoes!  Keep them neutral. No bright colors unless it’s part of the overall look.  Boots look great for little girls and boat shoes for little boys.
  • Avoid a lot of contrast with white and black.  It’s hard for the photographer to balance out the exposure if (on tops) you have some family in white and some in black/navy.  Avoid white as much as possible (unless it’s a peek-a-boo color like in the 2015 photo)
  • Stand back.  Lay out all your ideas and if you have babies – make sure that their outfit will complement both parents if you’ll each take turns holding them for photos.
  • Think about pants.  A lot of times I use bottoms to mix up and bring more color or texture into it.  Luke was so cute in the darker khaki last year, his pants are a similar tone this year. I loved using the light teal for mine in 2014.  And last year we went lighter with Jon’s pants to mix things up.

I’ll be doing an unboxing on Facebook with the outfits for the kids so please make sure you follow me there!

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Color Schemes for Family Photos

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