Cinco de Mayo Cupcakes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Aubrey and I are headed to a fiesta this afternoon but I wanted to share this quick post! I was in charge of dessert for 7 people. I was going to make boxed brownies. (true story).

But then Maria saved the day. She posted some recipes and one was for Corona Cupcakes!! She posted one from Lauren Conrad but it made 24. And it was early and I refused to do math. So I found this one from Not Your Mama’s Dinner and I added 1 step and changed another.

After removing the cupcakes from the oven, poke several times with a toothpick and brush more Corona on top. For the frosting, taste it!!! 4 cups of powdered sugar is very sweet. I ended up doing less (about 2 cups) and doing more lime zest.






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      Thank you! Yes And what’s perfect is that there’s about 1/2 a corona after – perfect “pat on the back” to yourself for a job well done ๐Ÿ™‚

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