Christmas Round Up

Have you recovered yet from our news Thursday? Don’t worry, you have about 7 months to let it sink in 🙂

Christmas was, as always, fun and chaotic. I think we had a much better handle on it this year, and I didn’t seem to feel stressed. Which is a good thing! My family did pretty well for gifts in general and Aubrey’s room is overflowing with new clothes & some toys. Everyone was really respectful of keeping all items “small” since she’ll be sharing her space with this new bambino until we’re able to move in 2014. The thing about Christmas, for us, isn’t about getting gifts. I just love shopping and giving to folks and finding out that I did get them something good that they’d enjoy! Here’s some photos from Christmas (oh, and my birthday gift).

Christmas Round Up 1

I had wanted the Michael Kors Madison watch with sparkles around the face. It is an older style, and I had a hard time justifying $275 on a watch that isn’t even made any more by MK. It wasn’t so much that it was his name that made me want it, I truly loved the watch. When scoping out Zappos after my birthday, I found this watch by Fossil. It has a STRIKING resemblance to the watch I wanted. Here’s the MK version:

Michael Kors Oversized Madison Chronograph Watch

Am I right? So this watch I purchased was $105 from Zappos. I’m a VIP so I got free overnight shipping and I love the watch. (So apparently I bought one of the last ones on their site.). I also found out that Fossil has special agreements with other popular lines of watches to design, manufacture, and distribute – including Michael Kors. Perhaps this is why they are so similar???

Christmas Round Up 2

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been wanting a waffle maker FOREVER. I wanted to put one on our wedding registry back in 2008. Jon quickly vetoed it. He didn’t like waffles. I figured, no problem, I’ll get it another time. Well, forgot about it, but every time I’d end up at Bed Bath & Beyond I would see one, want one, text him. He’d say no. No No No. Finally, he said yes. YES! He got it for me for Christmas along with 4 boxes of different kinds of mix and 2 huge jugs of syrup. Score!

Christmas Round Up 3

I also got my first official pair of Uggs from my dad & stepmom. They’re the tall style, and super comfy!

Christmas Round Up 4

My sister got me this book, and I already finished it. I love how clean the book is with the images and in the back it lists every designer of what she pictures. All of it is her stuff. So awesome. Motivated me to do a mini closet cleaning. (Thanks MJ for helping!)

Christmas Round Up 5

Aubrey playing with my little sister Nina (aka, her aunt) for one of our Christmas celebrations. We have 4 each year. So fun!

Christmas Round Up 6

Christmas celebration #4. This was shortly after Aubrey had a head-meet-coffee-table moment. Her forehead looks a bit dirty but it’s the tiny bruise that formed. Also explains her lack of smile.

Christmas Round Up 7

Christmas celebration #2. See, a much more cheerful baby!


And here’s some photos I took with my real camera.


  Who is this person in the red suit??


Christmas morning – ready to pass out gifts!


Her Christmas countdown calendar (cute gingerbread house!) with all the ornaments from inside on her special tree


 Posing in front of her Nativity Scene (Little People) from her Auntie Jenn!

I hope that you had fun, whatever you do with your family or friends or both!




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    Oh man Lexi has those PJs too! But she will not wear them. Brent and I think she refuses to wear anything with penguins on it – it is so weird. And congrats on the Uggs – they get a bad rap but they really are the most amazing winter slippers.

  2. says

    Looks like a lovely Christmas. I got my husband a waffle maker for Christmas this year finally after putting it off for years. It’s funny how something relatively basic and inexpensive can get put off for so long. We’ve had waffles about a dozen times since then and I’m regretting that we didn’t do it sooner.

    • says

      I’m in love with this thing. Although I think I’m done with waffles for a bit. Saturday had cinnamon roll ones, sunday night I added raspberries to the mix, then mon morning I added cinnamon and vanilla. I think I need a waffle-vention. Lol

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