Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!



As an adult, are there memories that were actually stories told so many times, that they feel so real to you?  I know sometimes it’s hard to decipher which memories I have were factual and which were not.  While I didn’t grow up in the digital age as Aubrey and Luke are now, there are still plenty of photos around to spark memories, and also to remind me how things used to be.  That’s me, around 1 year old.  I look a lot like Luke, huh? Rather, he looks like me.  That’s my dad.  Back then, he rocked long hair and a mustache.  Eventually that mustache grew into a beard.  And eventually he was told by a sassy little toddler to shave it off.  And he obliged. I guess I had mastered the art of negotiation at such a young age – shave it, or no more kisses for you!  Wise man to shave it. He never grew it back.

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

When I started dating Jon, he was in the midst of an identity transformation.  He was holding on to his rocker style with some awesome highlights, smoldering eyes, and insane sideburns.  He joked with growing facial hair.  I laughed and told him no way.  I liked a smooth face and I wasn’t changing my mind. His rocker style faded and the main stream mid-20s adult emerged with a clean shaven face.  Didn’t hurt that he was also entering into the work force. He’d always joke how awesome it would be to grow a beard when he went on paternity leave, as many of the new dads around us were sporting their new beards after birth.  But when we had Aubrey, he was off work for a week and tried growing out his beard.  Eventually he realized you don’t negotiate with a hormonal woman who just gave birth to your first child.  On our anniversary (4 days after her birth) he reluctantly shaved it all off. Wise man to shave it.

No matter what we’re doing, or where we’re going, I always ask, you’re going to shave, right? (As if that’s really a question!).  He knows if he leaves the stubble, he risks whining from me that it hurts my face and it’s scratchy and I don’t like it.  While I can make a point to state my gripes aloud, I can also be subtle. Like when I went to Walmart and surprised him with the new Gillette Fusion Proglide.  I left it right by his sink with a fresh can of shaving cream as well.

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

We were heading to celebrate my mom’s birthday at Concerts in the Park – which was the perfect opportunity to try out the new 5 blade safety razor with the new Flexball!  Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

He said the Flexball came in handy for going around the contours of his jaw line. Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

So while we all enjoyed a nice summer night filled with family, food, and music, I was mostly enjoying Jon’s soft face with no 5 o’clock shadow!

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

So, dying to know – do you like a smooth face? Mustache & goatee? Full beard? Let me know! And enjoy the rest of your summer!

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    I like my husband clean shaven or with a goatee; what I don’t like is the itchy-growing-out stage! My husband just started growing a beard – it’s August?! Doesn’t that make his face hot?! #client

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