The Day Designer at Target

The Day Designer At Target | Whitney English

As you know, I'm a planner junkie.  I've written about the MomAgenda, the Martha Stewart at Staples, Emily Ley's Simplified Planner, and I have a new one for you!  Now, you might think that this planner hopping means I'm dissatisfied and can't find the holy grail of planners.  But that's just not true.  My life is constantly changing, and my needs are as well.  This upcoming year (well, July), I actually will be using Emily Ley's Weekly Simplified Planner for personal use as I've discovered that the Daily offers too much space and I don't have enough to fill it.  I also use a separate planner … [Read more...]

Fresh Pretzels At Your Service – Pretzilla

Pretzilla - fresh pretzels delivered to your door

Once the morning sickness subsides, ask any pregnant woman what she wants to eat.  ALL THE THINGS will probably be her answer.  Sometimes cravings are things she usually enjoys.  And sometimes they're very random and peculiar - ya know, like pickles.  Big 5 pound tubs of pickles.  (been there, done that). Last month I got the most amazing email in my inbox.  Pretzilla wanted to know if I'd like some fresh pretzels DELIVERED.  I love love pretzels.  When in St. Louis, I loved that every where we ate, there were pretzels on the menu. I loved mine with a side of yellow mustard (but I'd never … [Read more...]

SoCal Girl Experiencing Midwest Weather in the Mazda CX-9

Touring the Midwest in the Mazda CX-9

We received a 2015 Mazda CX-9 to drive around during our journey to the midwest. All opinions and photos are mine below. Thank you! Last month Jon and I ventured out to Indiana to start our journey for my best friend's wedding in Effingham, IL.  We flew in separately and Jon navigated his way through the corn & soy bean crops to arrive in the 2015 Mazda CX-9. Before heading out, he pre-plotted his journey with some very important stops.  It included visiting the elusive White Castle.  He had he car to himself for the first day and grabbed some of those infamous square sliders and … [Read more...]

What’s In The Bag – Sephora Haul

what's in the bag - sephora haul

Oh Sephora - you are so pretty with your gorgeous palettes and shadows lining the shelves.  I was amazed at some of the new brands that are there since the last time I've stepped foot in one. And by new I mean "new" because I am so on the outer loop of that whole world.   I went in this past week and am here to share What's In The Bag!  Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube! I'm working on another video of What's In The Box - the items I bought, tried, and want to return :) … [Read more...]