Celebrate All The Admins!

Not sure if you know, but this week, on Wednesday, is Admin's Professional Day.  I never knew this day existed until I became an office admin almost 10 years ago.  I remember the first one I was here for, my boss took me out to lunch and we had thai food. It was glorious! But we're a small office and I know there are other admins across the country that work their butt off each week and deal with all kinds of craziness.  So, if you're an admin like me, take Wednesday night and pour yourself a big ol' happy glass of your favorite beverage and watch some episodes of The Office and watch how Pam … [Read more...]

A new resolution for 2011

I don't do resolutions. Mainly cuz I feel like if I want to do something, change something, I don't need a new year to be the launching pad.  But, I definitely feel like 2011 is a new start for many reasons. So, I want to make some changes and hopefully find some new great habits! One of the most important ones I want to do is work on cooking.  I have about 15 cookbooks ranging all over the place (and half are for desserts!) and I really want to crack into them.  I know this means that my pantry will become filled with new spices, as that's the one thing I don't use too often.  In the past … [Read more...]

What’s for Dinner? 1*3

Tonight, for the main dish, I'll be trying out this recipe from Gina's Skinny Kitchen:  Chicken Thighs with Shallots in Red Wine Vinegar. I have to hit up the store to get some of the ingredients but I'm excited! I love chicken skin so unfortunately that will be cooked with it on ;) And for the side dish, I'm going to try {again} the baked rice dish with the new mini {purple} casserole dish I got for christmas!  Hopefully this time it works in the oven! And now, for a pic! And stay tuned for a recap on the meal this evening! **Update** So, First things first. The dish was AMAZING! So … [Read more...]

New Month, New Desktop calendar!

I realized yesterday that I hadn't updated my desktop calendar with the new month!  Well, I also hadn't been on the computer since Christmas! Oh well. Smashing Magazine posts monthly calendars for you to use as your desktop. I love it.  Here's the link to this month's calendars, and here's the one I picked for mine! … [Read more...]

Goodbye, farewell!

It is the eve of the last day of the year. I cannot believe how fast, yet how slow this year has progressed. I have had many challenges this year and had to look deep and find courage and strength to persevere. I've had to rely on my family and friends to loan me their strength. I am so blessed to have every one of them to lean on. Am I sad to see 2010 go? Yes and no. Yea it was hard and sucked during so many points. But without those events, experiences, I wouldn't be able to learn more about myself or grow. I wouldn't be able to develop the relationships with my loved ones. I wouldn't have … [Read more...]