Hosting Mother’s Day Brunch {for under $50 dollars}

  I took on the task of grabbing our Mother's Day Brunch items from Whole Foods Market for under $50.  I know what you're thinking - impossible!!! OR You're just feeding Jon and you.  No, wrong! We're having it at our house and we're hosting my mom (of course!), my sister, and potentially her boyfriend, along with Aubrey and Luke (who, doesn't really eat food yet. ha ha!).  So that's 4-5 adults and a very hungry toddler.  And I mean that in the most loving way. Luke was my co-pilot as we searched the aisles of Whole Foods to figure out what we should have.  Keeping our budget in … [Read more...]

Mus-chetta Appetizer featuring Muscat Grapes from Whole Foods Market

Mus-chetta appetizer featuring Muscat grapes from Whole Foods

Every year, Whole Foods has a very special type of grape that is only available for short amount of time - Muscat Grapes.  As they ripen, the colors change from green to a blush pink and they become sweeter with each color change.  Since this isn't the average table grape, I set out to try something different than just plopping a bowl in front of Aubrey to enjoy for her afternoon snack.  One of my favorite appetizers I've ever made is bruschetta.  It's easy, and such a crowd pleaser.  So I thought why not mus-chetta?  And, it's delicious.   I even had a friend over to sample and she eventually … [Read more...]

Underwood Family Farm {moorpark, ca}

For Aubrey's actual birthday celebration, we wanted to plan a family day.  Jon and I both took the day off (well, I took the first part of it off) and we started bright and early with a trip to IHOP for some pancakes before heading out to Moorpark to the Underwood Family Farm. Since the day before was a bit on the crisp side, I brought her brand new rain boots to stomp around in. And I must say, she was just about the cutest thing ever.   The farm offers a lot of free things for the kids to do - animals to see & feed including different birds, llamas, and horses, as well as machine … [Read more...]

Hart Park – Newhall, CA {Mommy Daughter Day}

One of the things I was most looking forward to on maternity leave was having some fun times with Aubrey.  There is a small group of women (mostly from church) that have weekly play dates for all the kids.  Most of them are around the same age, with a few older/younger siblings in the mix.  My schedule (and then pregnancy brain, and pregnancy fatigue) prevented me from making any before Luke was born, but I've been to a few after.  My mom has been kind enough to watch him while I get some alone time with Aubrey.  But really, she's loving every minute with her squishy newborn grandson! The … [Read more...]

Christmas Lights in Santa Clarita

When I was little, I remember my mom would pile us in her car, drive us to Pasadena, and we'd meet up with some other families to go check out christmas lights. The kids were all in the back of a suburban, back hatch open, and we'd scream Christmas carols at the top of our lungs. It was a blast. Looking back, I bet the driver of that car got picked the short stick from the other adults. lol. Last year a new tradition sprouted, and it was a bit closer to home. My birthday lands in the middle of December, and it's always a bit of a jigsaw puzzle trying to figure out when to celebrate with all … [Read more...]