Last Minute Ideas – Astronaut Birthday Party

astronaut birthday party - last minute ideas - coloring station

This post contains affiliate links. All photos courtesy of Becca Rillo Photography - she's an amazing Los Angeles Wedding photographer. You need her. Every child of ours has an amazing first birthday party.  It's a chance for our family to see how much they've grown, and a chance for us to go all out and have our family & friends over.  Aubrey's first birthday was never shared on here (but you can catch all the details here), Luke's was an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme (perfect for summer!) and Ryan's theme had us stumped. Of course it was already the first week of November … [Read more...]

One Month Update – Post Plagiocephaly Helmet Journey

one month update - post plagiocephaly helmet journey

You can read all the previous updates here: One Week Update: What is Plagiocephaly One Month Update: What Happens During Appointments Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet So, I realized (after someone messaged me on Facebook at the start of their Plagiocephaly journey) that I never did an official blog update once Ryan's treatment concluded.  I had shared on Facebook & Instagram, but now, here I am, one month later, providing an official update. When we went to Ryan's second to last appointment, they mentioned that he could be … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Dressing Your Baby With A Plagiocephaly Helmet

top 5 things to consider when dressing your baby with a plagiocephaly helmet - carters #lovecarters

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links Be sure to read all of our posts about Ryan's Plagiocephaly treatment First Week Update with Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet One Month Update with Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet One Month after the Plagiocephaly Docband Helmet Treatment When Ryan was diagnosed with having Plagiocephaly (read about it here - short story is he was suffering from a flat head that was affecting other facial features),  I honestly had some initial thoughts that I think are … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Helmet – One Month Update with Plagiocephaly

one month update - Ryan's Helmet Plagiocephaly

Check out this little handsome guy!  One month update with Plagiocephaly We're one month in with Ryan's latest accessory - his helmet to correct Plagiocephaly.  (You can read about our experience with his Plagiocephaly diagnosis here).  When he had it put on, he was about 5 1/2 months old.  The technician said that most kids' skulls slow down growth at 6 months and we  could expect to visit them every 2 weeks for readjustment. With the first few visits (every Wednesday) I would notice how much tighter of a fit it was across his forehead.  The band across his forehead applied gentle … [Read more...]

Ryan – 3 month Update & My Favorite Treats

Ryan 3 months

This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. It's been apparently a challenge to keep updating on how life is with three. Ryan turned 3 months a week ago and he is FINALLY sharing his smiles with me!  He isn't stingy with them anymore!  We just finished a round of flu through the house and he even had his first round of antibiotics :/  We're all on the mend and after a long week home with everyone (while also trying to work and thank GOD my mom lives with us to help and watch them for … [Read more...]

Two Weeks – Ryan James

(App to add text: Baby Pics) Here we are, two weeks in to life with Ryan.  It's always funny how looking back, you don't really remember life without a child.  It seems as if he's always been here, despite the entire length of pregnancy and the last few weeks that really tested endurance at times.  He reminds Jon and I so much of Aubrey, but I've not been able to truly find a great side-by-side comparison for photos.   His temperament also is so similar to Aubrey.  Before I had him, I was hesitant to make any plans or commitments since I wasn't sure how he would be.  But, within the past two … [Read more...]