Hospital Bag {what to bring}

It's that time again - getting ready for Baby Luke's arrival.  I'm writing this as of the 25th, so who knows, he might already be here by time you read this.  I had a doctor's visit this morning and my doctor checked me, said I was 2-3cm dilated, and I better make sure I had my bag(s) packed. Lucky for him I did it the day before. Yay!  When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I really procrastinated on packing.  I wasn't really sure what to bring, and I figured since I was home on maternity leave, I'd just do it whenever I went in to labor.  But I never did.  So when we had our appointment to get … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Awareness Month – Santa Monica Kickoff #MayPAM

First, sorry to all the folks who follow me on Instagram that aren't expecting, with all my pics this past weekend from the launch of Pregnancy Awareness Month.  I' msure you thoroughly enjoyed the photos of baby bottles, strollers, and breast pads.  But hey, at least I mixed in some pics of Dr. McSteamy and food!  But I had a lot of fun and I shouldn't really apologize, but more say thank you for not unfollowing me :)  I was invited by MomsLA to attend a special blogger luncheon hosted by them and  Supper Society LA.  As you entered the venue - the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, a lovely … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Update – 20 weeks

Well, I like to make sure nausea is gone before I start screaming it from the rooftops. And, after several weeks of not needing my Zofran, I think that time has finally come. WAHOO! For any of my pregnant friends, you know there's nothing worse than feeling nauseated.  Well, there is something worse.  It is spending time with a dear friend made of porcelain (don't recommend that).  I was making it ok for most days but for a good stretch night time was NOT my friend.  And I'm a wuss and can't just muster through it. Especially with Aubrey running around. So glad to say that stage is OVER! I … [Read more...]

Skinny Jeans {Maternity Edition}

Before I was pregnant with Aubrey, I mainly wore bootcut jeans.  I did have a pair of JBrand skinny jeans I found for a BARGAIN at TJ Maxx but I didn't always have the right boots to wear with them.  But, right before I got pregnant with Aubrey, I started loving the skinny jeans and integrated them more into my daily wardrobe.  But, then I got pregnant, and weight gain happened, and obviously those were temporarily retired. I did find a pair of Old Navy skinnies (no longer sold) and they worked well, until I started getting a belly. The panel was a half panel, made of cotton, with the … [Read more...]

12 weeks and a turning point?

Tonight marks 12 weeks and possibly a turning point in the nausea department.  I forgot to take my nausea pill (zofran) Thursday morning.  Did ok with out. Purposefully forgot to take it Friday, did ok. Saturday I was ok for most of the day without taking it, but by night time I wasn't feeling so hot.  Today didn't take it and feeling good. Perhaps little monkey we've reached a turning point! Based on my pregnancy with Aubrey, it stopped much later in the game I'm not tossing the meds yet.  I know that waves can come up randomly and I have got to be prepared! It's hard to be nauseous when … [Read more...]