Leaving the Dirty Work for Someone Else – DrainWig


One of my favorite things while I was pregnant was that my hair stopped shedding.  I've always had that problem my entire life - gifted with thick hair, but MAN the shedding.  My hair stopped shedding a few weeks into each pregnancy and kicked back in a few months after I had Aubrey and then Luke.  It meant that the bathroom would again be covered in hair, and well, the obvious place - the shower. My hair is a lot shorter than before, but it still sheds a lot.  I also wash my hair every other day, and I'm not sure if that helps or hurts the situation.  In some regards, it's better since … [Read more...]

Searching For My Baby Face – Pevonia Skincare

This week I celebrate my 33rd birthday.  It's kind of snuck up on me this year.  Well, to be completely honest, the fact that it's December, in general, is just mind boggling.  I swear I was just ringing in the new year at Knott's Berry Farm!  But like anything, time just sneaks up on you and you're trying to do your best to scramble and make the most of it.  Do you ever get that feeling? Like, you wonder how you went from some young 20-something staying up late, sleeping in, and then BAM - you're a mom, sleeping like 6 hours or so a night, and living off coffee? Sure, we can sit here, … [Read more...]

Taking 10 Minutes – #HeartMyHair

Conair Curl Secret #HeartMyHair

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.  I'm a planner by nature but this move got the best of me.  I had people showing up for appointments when I thought they'd be coming the next day.  And each night I had boxes to confront once the kids were in bed.  But I didn't want the kids' lives to be consumed by this move. I tried really hard to keep things normal, despite many of their toys missing and books packed up.  I had to get creative. And ever since Aubrey turned three, and she got a special pampering with a hair trim & blow out, one of her new favorite hair styles is a special … [Read more...]

Back to School – Treat Your Hair with Nexxus #ColorAssure

We celebrated back to preschool for Aubrey last week.  Do you remember the excitement of returning back to school? Growing up that meant new supplies, a new uniform (yup, attended Catholic School from Kindergarten to 8th grade!), new backpack and sometimes a new hair cut.  I always had long hair, except for a brief tragic chop that I immediately regretted in 7th grade.  Long hair is fantastic, but it can also be a pain to make it look beautiful & maintained.  I love watching tv shows and see the gorgeous locks of the actresses, long, wavy & shiny.  When I do my hair, it's long and … [Read more...]

Choosing a #SmoothSummer with Gillette!

  As an adult, are there memories that were actually stories told so many times, that they feel so real to you?  I know sometimes it's hard to decipher which memories I have were factual and which were not.  While I didn't grow up in the digital age as Aubrey and Luke are now, there are still plenty of photos around to spark memories, and also to remind me how things used to be.  That's me, around 1 year old.  I look a lot like Luke, huh? Rather, he looks like me.  That's my dad.  Back then, he rocked long hair and a mustache.  Eventually that mustache grew into a beard.  And … [Read more...]

How To Wear Red Lips – DIY Sugar Scrub & Colgate Optic White { review }

How To Wear Red Lips - DIY Sugar Scrub & Colgate Optic White Review

This is a sponsored post and may contain affiliate links I'm not sure when, but somewhere along my adulthood path I wanted to wear red lipstick.  Not all the time, but I knew it would be something nice to have for date night.  I grabbed some different drug store brands, but nothing really worked well. The main reason? I felt like my teeth looked so yellow.  Instead of giving up the dark colored drinks, I just gave up on the red lipstick idea.  Then, during the VIP event for the Lifestyle Bloggers Conference, we held it at Besame Cosmetics in Burbank, CA.  After everything was set up, … [Read more...]