The Magic of BB Creams

BB Creams from CVS

I purchased some different BB Creams from CVS and put them all to the test. The first one I tried was instant love at first sight.  But, I kept going and tried 3 more  brands.  Recapping why I liked or didn't like them in today's YouTube video!   The brands I tried were by Rimmel, Physicians Formula, Maybelline, and Revlon.  All have SPF, all are tinted.  One clear winner! … [Read more...]

New Gift Shop in Santa Clarita – Mind, Body & Soap Co.

Mind Body and Soap Co - Santa Clarita, CA

My daily driving routine is pretty basic and routine.  It doesn't cover a large part of our valley, but every now and again I venture somewhere different and find something new.  I was driving to pick up some items for Luke's bday party and noticed that one of the building was getting a face lift from a dark brown to a creamy white.  The western looking building has been the same forever. Then, a few days later I was heading out to my little sister's birthday party and drove by the same building again.  I saw that the building paint was all done, but a new sign was up in place of another … [Read more...]

What’s In The Bag – Sephora Haul

what's in the bag - sephora haul

Oh Sephora - you are so pretty with your gorgeous palettes and shadows lining the shelves.  I was amazed at some of the new brands that are there since the last time I've stepped foot in one. And by new I mean "new" because I am so on the outer loop of that whole world.   I went in this past week and am here to share What's In The Bag!  Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube! I'm working on another video of What's In The Box - the items I bought, tried, and want to return :) … [Read more...]

Contour Makeup – Which Is Better?

Contour Makeup - Maskcara vs Wet n Wild

So, you know I'm building up my makeup repertoire since last year.  I've shared some of my favorites, and even some looks to make with it.  I've been spying up the Maskcara palette for awhile, and finally bought it earlier this month.  Except, I don't love it. Why? Because I need more coverage throughout the day.  So with all the YouTube videos I've been watching, I learned about the Wet n Wild contour kit and put both to the test.  Each half is a created look with the contour makeup.   What do you think of my intro? Decided to be a little creative Friday night in between puke … [Read more...]