Amo mi cebollita

That means I love my little Onion. We're moving on up people! The baby this week measures about 5 inches long, and 5.9 oz (give or take) going forward it's ging to gain at least an ounce every week! Cuh-razy! Now, I'm not a fan of onions, neither is Auntie Jenn, but luckily Daddy sure is. Man I swear he can eat his weight in onions! I only like they deep fried ;) I've only been wearing maternity pants now because A) they're damn comfy and B) it makes me look pregnant and not just bloated :) I found a pair of skinny jeans that I love. And coming soon on The Newlyweds Dish, I talk all about … [Read more...]

Baby’s first concert

So this past week, since Baby Dell now has the ear bones to hear, I took it to it's first concert!! Ha ha. Mumford & Sons was playing at the Railroad Revival Tour in San Pedro. The concept is cool. They were on a train tour from Oakland, CA to New Orleans. There were 3 bands and library's stage. Felt like they were performing in an open barn! I drove down with Auntie Jenn and my friend Jen to meet Cousin Christy and her friend Camille. There were food trucks and was excited about that. There were a lot of people and it was a bit overwhelming but we survived!!! Here's some … [Read more...]

Decor Idea!

Ok so I was talking with Michele about an upcoming shower I am going to, and what I want to buy and stuff. And ideas for my shower (yes, I think about these things months in advance!) and I was saying how I love the idea of giving a favorite board book or children's book as part of the gift so the library for the baby can represent favorites of the guests.  So she told me how there's this fabric bookshelf (???) that she heard about. Google is my friend so I quickly found this instructional post: Fabric Bookshelf So stinking cute! Since we're using our bedroom as part nursery until we are … [Read more...]


Last year, in the summer, there was a lot of darkness around me.  One thing I did post about was the loss of my cousin who was more than just a cousin (well, cousin-in-law since he married my actual cousin Christy). Our whole family grieved.  But, what wasn't told was another layer of mourning that was also going on. My name is Melissa and I had a miscarriage. Yes, I have suffered through that loss, after trying for almost 9 months to conceive.  I don't know whether I was ashamed or embarassed, felt like I failed as the 1 main duty of a woman. But I just didn't feel like sharing. Until … [Read more...]

Hello 2nd trimester

Well folks, we've just entered the 2nd trimester!  Such an amazing accomplishment! I have another ultrasound appt on Thursday, and Jenn is coming with me.  She will be in charge of recording the video for it on my iPhone since Jon can't make it.  Jon said I'm allowed to ask if they'll be able to predict gender since our doc has those fancy schmancy 3D machines.  A girl can hope right? So if you haven't yet, get in your prediction on gender!! And once we figure that out, we can put up a new questionnaire - guess the due date & time! Closest person will get something, promise!  It's on the … [Read more...]