Bit by Bit

Earlier this year, Jon and I were dying to sell our condo, and find a 3 bdrm to rent to have some space when the little one gets here. Except we quickly realized we were getting ahead of ourselves and needed to take a step back.  After much consideration, we've decided to stay at least another 1-2 years. Our goal is to move out and have a much bigger place before baby #2 (and honestly, not sure when that would even be).  But we needed to make our current condo (all lovely 893 sq feet of it!) to work better for us.  This involved a short list of what we wanted to do. First was figuring out room … [Read more...]

Summer Wardrobe

Well, the time has come when the temps go up, and the need to wear summer clothing is here.  I quickly learned that while my past wardrobes (jeans, tanks, flip flops) worked fine while NOT pregnant - summer + pregnancy = a new wardrobe.  I decided to find some shorts. I hate shorts. But I know that I'll be too hot and uncomfortable to be wearing jeans every day.  It's not even 75 outside and I'm already wearing tanks and get hot around noon.  We have AC in our building, and normally I'd still be sporting a light-weight sweatshirt. Not this time! So, with my 30% off coupon in tow from … [Read more...]

I see you!

Today we were able to see our little girl once again!! She was measuring right on track at 22w3d, and weighing in at 1lb 3oz. She more than doubled her weight from the last time we went a month ago! Jon was able to come and thank goodness I had such an early appointment. No waiting!! When the ultrasound started, she was sleeping (resting heartbeat of 133) but she quickl realized what was gongon and started moving all about. We saw her brain, the four chambers of her heart, her boney hands, feet - so cute! We also saw her umbilical cord! It's amazing how detailed these can be. And when … [Read more...]

Mangos – yum

So this week our little baby girl is a mango! I love mango salsa, mango margaritas, and mangos by themselves!  I just want to thank everyone that wasn't too upset with us about holding on to our secret ;o) And thank you for all the sweet wishes! We're so excited for this little girl! So, need to recap the Anatomy Scan. This happens between 18-22 weeks to check on how things are developing with the baby, and also check out the heart, blood flow, brain, etc.  It was absolutely incredible to see.  Jon couldn't make the trip so I went with my mom and I recorded a lot of the scan.  We got to see … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day to MEEE!

Happy Mother's day to me! Well, weekend, I should really say. I was shocked by how awesome Jon was this weekend to me :) It started Saturday night, after a quick trip to my dad's (more on that later) and coming home to Jon popping some break-and-bake cookies in the oven for us, and then coming out with a gift! Being pregnant during Mother's Day is sort of a "do we, don't we" celebrate kind of thing. I know that the whole point of Mother's Day is to celebrate your mom, thank her for raising you, nurturing you, all that sort of fun stuff. While my baby can't actually thank me (and won't be … [Read more...]

18 weeks!!

Hit 18 weeks today! The baby is the size of a sweet potato! Those are my fave! I had a doc's appt yesterday and up another pound. That totals 3 so far from my starting weight. The little bambino was sleeping, I think, because it didn't move as much as the last ultrasound. I have to scan the pics but one looks like skeletor (name that tv show!) and the other looks like an alien. We weren't able to find out the gender (sad face) BUT we go in Tuesday am for the anatomy scan where we're sure to find out and also get a lot of pictures!!! Hopefully they make our baby look more human :) I'm … [Read more...]