Hello 2nd trimester

Well folks, we've just entered the 2nd trimester!  Such an amazing accomplishment! I have another ultrasound appt on Thursday, and Jenn is coming with me.  She will be in charge of recording the video for it on my iPhone since Jon can't make it.  Jon said I'm allowed to ask if they'll be able to predict gender since our doc has those fancy schmancy 3D machines.  A girl can hope right? So if you haven't yet, get in your prediction on gender!! And once we figure that out, we can put up a new questionnaire - guess the due date & time! Closest person will get something, promise!  It's on the … [Read more...]

Shopping on the Brain

Last night I had the most vivid dream...about diaper bags. I know, I know. Odd right? In my dream, I went to a in-home shopping party for diaper bags and Jillian Barberie-Reynolds was there and she was raving about this diaper bag sold at Neiman Marcus. Now I don't shop there. So why this was the creator of the bag, I have no idea. But I loved it. It was a tote/backpack/shoulder bag and a cute pattern, very soft, LOTS of pockets. It actually utilized magnets too! So you could pull off one part of it so it was a smaller clutch for on the go. Now I'm going to see if maybe I was meant to … [Read more...]


Last night Daddy & I were talking about your arrival, which we often do before bedtime.  We're trying to make things work best in our little humble 2-bedroom abode. But with making things work, it means multi-functioning rooms. I wish I could have Nate Berkus come in and redo our home. LOL. But most importantly I wish I could give you your own nursery, decorated to a T, and have it be your own special place. But for now, you'll need to share. But sharing is caring, right? Just not sure where to have you share... … [Read more...]