Top Maternity Picks

So here I am, quickly approaching THIRTY weeks - and I figured I'd do another round of top things I've enjoyed this pregnancy.  Some of it's random. Some of it's not.  So, here we go!  {photo credit: Emmy Cube Photography} Snoogle!!! This amazing pillow I bought literally a week after I found out I was pregnant. Pretty sure I've blogged about it before, or tweeted about it. But at 30 weeks, I still love it.  It helps me sleep well, and stay on my left side during the night.  A few times I've been away from home I figure I'll just use extra pillows. SO NOT THE SAME THING.  I never did end … [Read more...]

Nursery – Revealed!

Well, after a lot of time, this nursery/office combo is DONE!!! I'm so happy with the ends results, and I'm even happier that we decided to make a change so Baby A can have a place to call her own. Well, for the most part. She does have about 75% of the room so I guess majority rules, right?   So first, some before photos. And as luck would have it, I barely had any. Had to resort to good ol' Facebook to find mobile uploads of the office before. So, please excuse the crappy quality. LOL   This photo was taken after I cleaned up the office. Well, my side. This is the … [Read more...]

Shopping Habits

Back in the day, I remember saving up all my allowance to buy cheap outfits from forever 21.  I only got $5 a week so sometimes this was difficult. But thank god for the cheap quality of F21. LOL.  Now a days, I still shop, but it's for house stuff, or car stuff, or business stuff. I don't shop for clothes as much {exception - maternity clothes}.  And oh ya, Baby Nacho. {ps if you follow me on twitter, you'll see a few of us call her #babynacho to get her nickname to start tending. HA!} So, it started months ago, before I was pregnant, when I saw the baby leg warmers. So cute! I was hoping … [Read more...]

Where did I go? I dunno

So apparently, I've fallen way behind with blogging about this pregnancy.  And by "way behind" i mean a few weeks. I'm not sure what happened. I registered, and then fell off the face of the earth. I've still been {hopefully} entertaining you with my belly pics.  Since then I've been tweaking the registries, working on gathering all the addresses for the showers, and only have about 5 left to find/get.  Wahoo! I just finished the design process with Katrina from TCK Design Studio for the invites, inserts, thank yous, everything for the family shower.  My friends are planning the friend one, … [Read more...]


Mission accomplished! Well, 85% accomplished. Both of my registries have been done and now just for some fine tuning. I registered in person at Buy Buy Baby and online only with Target. I loved lots of the items and some things were a bit overwhelming. The toys are crazy!! There was so many options and different colors and crinkly things and vibrating things. Lol. I can't believe how close we're getting! Seems so surreal. This weekend I have to clean out the closet in the nursery and then next weekend we are doing the nursery! We picked out the paint color last week and my dad is helping … [Read more...]