15 Gifts for Kids under $25

15 gifts for kids under $25

This post contains affiliate links | Inexpensive Christmas gifts ideas for kids There are so many times where I really try my best to plan ahead and stock up on presents for kids at a great deal.  But, life happens and I fall short.  I want to make it easy for you and provide a list of great gifts for kids under $25.  (in full disclosure, the pricing at the time of this post was under $25.  Prices might fluctuate a bit if you're reading this later)  I'll be separating it from ages birth - 6 months, 6 months -18 months, and 2-4 years old.  Would love for you to comment with some of your … [Read more...]

Being Thankful This Week

We're heading into Thanksgiving (and black friday, cyber monday...) but after last week, finding thanks is easier.  Last week was a bit chaotic and I'm thankful for a flexible job because I was at home all week with Ryan since my mom was super sick.  She takes care of him while I am at work, and so when she's down, I have to step in. I'm thankful for the week as we were heading into his first birthday (another post for another day).  I got to spend so much time with him, and he was such a big helper as we prepped for his party.  He's the sweetest thing and I laughed each time Aubrey asked … [Read more...]

The Traditions We Didn’t Mean To Make

The Traditions We Didn't Mean To Make - Carter's Holiday Selections

This post is sponsored by Carter's; however all thoughts & opinions expressed are my own When you were younger, and thought about life with kids - what did you picture? Did you picture recreating your childhood memories & traditions?  Did you want to create the exact opposite experience you had growing up? Did you plan to dress your kids matchy matchy?  How did you envision life with kids?  Our family had a lot of traditions growing up and I didn't really plan anything one way or another.  But, as time passed, Jon and I just found ourselves doing something one year, and then the … [Read more...]

He Prayed for What?

he prayed for what

Not sure about you - but every day when I pick up the kids I ask them what they did, and were they good, what letter they're working on.  Some days Aubrey shares what job she has, but Luke hasn't ever shared.  Not sure why - but he usually skips over that and just tells me he ate all his lunch. Last week, when I went to pick up the kids, I had my niece with me and the kids were very excited to show off their classrooms.  Luke ran over to the job board, pulled his name off it, and came running up to me.  I asked him what his job was, and he told me to lead prayer.  Awesome!  We take turns at … [Read more...]

Building Your Tribe – New Mom Edition

building your tribe - new mom edition

This is a sponsored post and might contain affiliate links. Building a tribe is always an important aspect of Adulting.  You need to find friends/strangers/family that are in your life stage and can help assist with tips - or just provide you with encouraging words to keep you going forward.  When I was wedding planning (and shortly after), I found myself in a tribe talking with other newlyweds and chatted about our china patterns we liked, what shoes to wear for the day, and if a second dress was a good idea.  That tribe moved from an online chatroom into a private email thread, and … [Read more...]

Campground Eggs At Home

campground eggs at home REVERE cookware

This is a sponsored post thanks to REVERE cookware.  This post may contain affiliate links A long long time ago, about 15 high school seniors went camping, alone, and had to survive on whatever cooking skills they had.  And at 18, I know I was not well versed in the kitchen department.  I think I could make toast.  But thankfully I was surrounded by others who could cook and one thing our friend Corney made was Campground Eggs.  I don't think this is the actual name. But, since we were at a campground, and they're made with eggs.... I prefer flour tortillas but you'll grab about 3-4 and … [Read more...]