Ice Cream, Paper Straws, and Coke Floats – #ShareItForward

I was sort of late to the motivational game in planning Luke's first birthday.  For Aubrey's I started around her half birthday.  Jon and I wanted something different and we came up with the idea for a Hot Dog Bar - lots of hot dogs, lots of condiment options.  It was fun and everyone loved it.  For Luke's birthday, I wanted something different, and what better way than with a Coke Float Bar.  I find it fitting since with both pregnancies I loved them. Jon hadn't heard of a Coke Float before me, but now he's been informed :)  After finding THE PERFECT Coca Cola bottle, we were ready to let the … [Read more...]

One Pot Baby Food

Luke has been doing really well with trying purees. You might recall I had been struggling getting him to eat anything beyond puffs. But my persistence paid off, and something flipped, and now he actually enjoys the different purees I've been buying at the store.  But, that gets expensive REAL fast.  So I decided last week to make some more baby food - as his stock of frozen sweet potatoes & Gala apples was almost gone.  So I hit up the store, threw a bunch of veggies in the cart, and left.   I had every intention of making each item separately for him to try out. I mean, … [Read more...]

Involving the Kids

I don't know if you have noticed, but time FLIES when you have little ones moving around.  Each day, after nap, I swear Luke grows bigger.  I know they do grow while sleeping but I find some days more noticeable.  With our tiny humans growing quickly, it's brought Jon and I to discuss what we have envisioned for our family.  We're currently taking Grace Based Parenting through our church and we've been trying to focus how we are around our kids.  We want our children to be respectful, behaved, but still have fun.  This brings us to working on us, how we act, what we say, and how we say it. … [Read more...]