Pool Dates – Reducing Stress and Increasing Fun

learn to swim day - swimways baby swim raft

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I've been realizing, lately, that our family has been filling up our calendar faster than ever.  I suppose it's due to having 3 kids of different ages and a large extended family.  Some weekends Jon and I are just looking to find some sort of relaxation time but it's super hard to come by.  After a few different babymoons where we anticipate long days with lots of naps - we realized what we crave is quiet pool time.  Whether we've gone to Palm Springs … [Read more...]

Simple Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food - using our blendtec

This post contains affiliate links. Our third baby.  My how things have changed and how much we had to work to simplify our routines, baby gear, and more.  We got rid of so many items (that we loved!) after we moved since we were done having kids that we really had to evaluate if we wanted to go back to that or try other methods. I'll be honest, I've never been one to just provide our baby with table scraps from our meals to teach them how to eat (also known as Baby Led Weaning).  We tried once for Luke and I was absolutely terrified.  Since we have kids all over the place now - I needed … [Read more...]

Building Your Tribe – New Mom Edition

building your tribe - new mom edition

This is a sponsored post and might contain affiliate links. Building a tribe is always an important aspect of Adulting.  You need to find friends/strangers/family that are in your life stage and can help assist with tips - or just provide you with encouraging words to keep you going forward.  When I was wedding planning (and shortly after), I found myself in a tribe talking with other newlyweds and chatted about our china patterns we liked, what shoes to wear for the day, and if a second dress was a good idea.  That tribe moved from an online chatroom into a private email thread, and … [Read more...]

Searching For The Ultimate Sippy Cup

search for the ultimate sippy cup - diapers.com

This post was sponsored by Diapers.com as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I'm not sure how, but apparently I blinked and Ryan is now almost 11 months old.  He's no longer a tiny, immobile baby that is exclusively breastfed.  Now he's a crawling, babbling, clapping baby who consumes purees, puffs, and teething biscuits.  Just today (as I write this) he's stood twice for 1 second unassisted. STOP RYAN!!  But if I've learned anything from watching Aubrey & Luke grow up - it's inevitable.  I can't stop time, and I … [Read more...]

When To Speak Up or Hush Up With First Time Moms

When To Speak Up or Hush Up Around First Time Moms (3)

This post may contain affiliate links Last summer, my sister shared with us the news that she was expecting her first baby.  I was so excited and wanted to share ALL.THE.THINGS.  Being a three-time mom (and blogger) means I've had lots of opportunities to come across some amazing products - and also some flops.  I wanted her to use her money in the best means possible and not over spend on products.  I also have experienced so many pieces of advice from others that I had a lot to share there too. BUT..THIS WAS HER FIRST BABY. That means it's the chance for her to experience things for … [Read more...]

How To Create A Diaper Cake TuTu

how to create a diaper cake tutu

For my sister's baby shower {click here to see my recap!} my cousin and I split up some different creative projects to use as decor for the baby shower.  While the theme of the shower was Sweet Pea and used gold, shades of pink, and green, the nursery is along the lines of lavender, gray and white.  For another friend's baby shower I created the  diaper cake and a tutu for her daughter to wear after.  I wanted to do the same for my sis, so I used varying shades of purple tulle. Custom onesie from Etsy. Not sure the seller because my cousin purchased it. Here are the items you'll … [Read more...]