Involving the Kids

I don't know if you have noticed, but time FLIES when you have little ones moving around.  Each day, after nap, I swear Luke grows bigger.  I know they do grow while sleeping but I find some days more noticeable.  With our tiny humans growing quickly, it's brought Jon and I to discuss what we have envisioned for our family.  We're currently taking Grace Based Parenting through our church and we've been trying to focus how we are around our kids.  We want our children to be respectful, behaved, but still have fun.  This brings us to working on us, how we act, what we say, and how we say it. … [Read more...]

Brief First Birthday Recap

I still can't believe I have a one year old.  But I do, well, Jon too :)  The party was such a great time, and I loved how everything came out.  I loved the theme - Vintage Carnival with the pinks & orange color scheme.  I only had to nix one small thing, and I think that's incredible considering all the little details I decided to throw in there. I never felt TOO overwhelmed in the days leading up to the party, and that morning flew by with getting everything ready.  I am incredibly thankful for MJ for getting there to help set up, keep the party flowing, and also clean up. I owe you … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Roller Coaster

Two weeks ago, I caught a nasty stomach bug. No worries, sparing you details on that.  Jon was out of town, and my mom came and picked up Aubrey for me. I was in no shape to take care of her.  I was really dehydrated and slept for almost 24 hours off and on.  When I felt better, I had one tiny problem...I wasn't producing any milk.  I posted this on Instagram, and was feeling pretty depressed.   I had a pity party for myself that day and knew I needed to shake it.  I have been breastfeeding Aubrey (and also pump so she has bottles with our moms when they watch her) since she was … [Read more...]

Crafting {birthday edition}

As you might have read, I have a special little birthday coming up for a very special little girl next month.  This is the first party that I've been able to plan it how I want since my wedding.  I'm going all out. Not really, not breaking the bank, but I'm doing what I do best - craft.  And I'm also following the same path I did with all my wedding DIY work - starting early and spacing projects out.   But I'm also adding in a bit more girl time to help with some of the projects.  When I worked on a lot of my wedding stuff before, there were some things I couldn't relinquish control over.  … [Read more...]

Making First Bites – Baby Food

first bites - carrot (6)

I haven't blogged much about it, but I have definitely been posting photos on Instagram {username @melissa_dell} with snapshots of my food making frenzy for Aubrey.  I started with her purees and would do batches at a time.  I received the Beaba at my baby shower and that thing has gotten a work out. It's a permanent fixture on our countertop. I use it every so often to make the foods, but use it daily (sometimes twice a day) for defrosting the purees.  But lately we have been needing to incorporate "first bites" of small food for Aubrey to get used to picking up & chewing.  {there's a … [Read more...]

The New Nursery

Nursery (6)

Last summer, Jon and I worked on getting our office space converted into an Office/Nursery combo {with my desk items remaining}. As always, PLEASE excuse all the "before" images. A few months after Aubrey came into our lives, and her sleep schedule was amazing, I quickly realized what a problem it was to have my office IN the nursery. All the time I had to work, I couldn't because she was sleeping in there. Finally we made the decision that we needed to move my office out of there. But where? Our house is only 2 bedrooms and only 900 sq feet. So, we had to do some brainstorming. We went to … [Read more...]