Showing Thanks by Toddlers – #SimplyHealthy

Healthy Living Made Simple - Teaching Toddlers Thankfullness

  Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness Without a doubt, once November rolls around, you start to see online posts by your friends & family sharing things they're thankful for.  Even though we should be focusing on this every month of the year, we sometimes need a little push to voice it more and share it with our kids as well.  Sure Aubrey knows to say thank you when she is given something, but what about beyond that? Could I come up with a way to think those around her that have an impact on her life or her surroundings in a way she would understand? Every week, on Thursdays, … [Read more...]

Building Forts – Doc McStuffins Style! #JuniorCelebrates

Building Forts - Doc McStuffins Style! #JuniorCelebrates

As you might have seen through Instagram & Facebook, Aubrey's been having a special helper to get us through the potty training journey - The Diaper Fairy.  Before heading off to help another little boy & girl, she left one super awesome care package for Aubrey featuring one of our favorite Disney Junior characters - Doc McStuffins. Her signature letter applauded Aubrey for all her successes and said she wanted to give Aubrey a very special treat - to also share with Luke - before she ventured off to help another kid.  Inside the care package was a new bedding set, super fun walkie … [Read more...]

Our Breastfeeding Story

I realized, when fellow blogger Trina asked, that I have never written about my breastfeeding journey with either baby. I've referenced a bit here or there, but nowhere really on my little site.  So, in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I figured, why not now? I had absolutely NO idea what to expect when Aubrey was born.  In the hospital, they said she wasn't eating enough so the nurse showed me how to express some milk and feed  to her with a syringe.  I later learned that our hospital (one that is "breast feeding friendly") is not the norm.  I was on a twitter party a few months … [Read more...]

How We Rock The Potty { super undies review }

SuperUndies - Pull Up Cloth Trainer Diapers

Not sure if you recall, but a year ago, just before Luke was born (and, well again after he was born) we tried Potty Training.  It was more like omg-don't-pee-on-the-floor-where-are-your-undies-mama-needs-a-drink bootcamp.  As in, by the end of the 3 days we were so beyond exhausted I needed a cocktail. Except the first time I was still pregnant and that sucked.  I actually never blogged the end but we didn't make it far.  We tried again during the next holiday weekend that offered up 3 days off and this time I was able to enjoy a cocktail and we still ended up back in diapers.  Everyone said … [Read more...]

MOPs Field Trip – Strawberry Picking at Underwood Family Farm

This past week, Aubrey's preschool was on Spring Break.  Her 2 grandmas and I each had her, alone, for a morning to get some special one on one time.  Since she's in preschool 5 days a week, they don't get to see her too often.  And on the weekends, I share the love with her little brother too.  So I noticed on Facebook I received an open invite from a friend for Strawberry Picking with her MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers) at Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark, CA.  I asked another friend, Cara, if she and her daughter wanted to join, and the four of us headed out.  It was absolutely … [Read more...]

Getting Our Groove on with Shushybye

When we were living in our condo, BabyFirst TV was running all day.  Jon and I loved the quick segments and Aubrey loved the music, the colors, and the characters.  Since Jon is a huge music lover - one particular set of characters we were drawn to was the Shushybye band.  They are a group of characters that come visit you while you're sleeping and there are songs mixed in with the story lines.  When we moved, some of the BabyFirst TV show segments were on Netflix.  Unfortunately Shushybye was not one of those featured.  I know Aubrey doesn't really remember watching it (she was 15 months when … [Read more...]