Are We Amusement Park Parents?

We received free admission and had other expenses covered in exchange for this post.  All opinions are mine.   Living in Southern California - we're about 2 hours away from 4 major theme parks.  We've been to 3 of the 4.  After each trip, Jon and I sit around and wonder - are we amusement park parents? It's hard to know. Because of our close proximity, there are a LOT of friends that are always at one of the parks on any given day.  What we see on Facebook & Instagram share the happy moments.  No doubt - there is a lot we don't see.  After a long day in the sun, walking everywhere, kids … [Read more...]

Camping with 10 kids

camping with 10 kids

This post contains affiliate links. Just think of it as a commission for referring you to some awesome stuff! Earlier in the summer (or, it might have been spring?) some of the families we're friends with mentioned doing a group camping trip in September.  Jon and I were all for it - we've gone camping before with the kids.  Taking 3 kids (one who was crawling) was a bit more of a challenge than last time.  We had our minivan filled to the max and actually had to unpack and repack it a few times to get everything fit.  We brought both of the kids' bikes, plus food, and the most challenging … [Read more...]

Color Schemes for Family Photos

Color Schemes for Family Photos

This Post Contains Affiliate Links School is back in session and the leaves are starting to turn colors for some parts of the country.  Not here, not in SoCal.  But it's the time of year when we start thinking about family photos and what everyone is going to wear.  It's time to start searching websites to find the right color schemes for family photos.  I've pulled some of my past year posts and will be sharing this year's color theme as well! In 2013 we took our first series of professional photos with our family photographer - Becca Rillo.  She's also an amazing Los Angeles Wedding … [Read more...]

Welcome Back To Los Angeles

Growing up, were you fans of a team because of those that influenced you? Probably me. I mean, we were, after all, small kids.  I remember watching the LA Lakers with my dad and I remember one of the shirts we had (ya know, those huge adult ones that we tried to wear but it ended up just being a PJ shirt?) that had some of the all stars back in the day on them.  Of course it was yellow too. I remember heading out to Dodger games and screaming at the top of my lungs Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaryl.  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaryl.  Just like all the other fans around us, enjoying peanuts & chocolate … [Read more...]

Going on a Road Trip

We will soon be  officially heading out on the longest roadtrip to date with the kids.  And yet, not to the hottest location.  Hottest to date is definitely the trip we took to Palm Springs 2 summers ago with them.  That was our first trip with 2 kids in a hotel room without any family to help.  And this trip will be the first with 3 kids and no family to help. We are  going to Las Vegas.  We will not be having the crazy shenanigans trip we had before we were married.  There will be more time spent at the pool than at the casino.  Late nights at the club will be spent inside hanging with … [Read more...]

Butters’ Adoption Story

Purina Pet Chow - Cat Adoption Story

I have partnered with Purina Cat Chow to participate with the 'Nutrition to Build Better Lives' program. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. When I was working on Luke's 3rd birthday post, I had fun going through all the old photos of him throughout his life.  It's funny how you can instantly be transported to that exact moment in which the photo was captured.  It's sort of how you get a bit of nostalgia when those photos and videos come through from years' past.  In almost every reminder of the past years, there are a few photos of Butters.  As the years went on, and we … [Read more...]