Be Creative With Business Names

MamaNeeds.Coffee | Name Kitchen

This post is written as a partnership with Name.Kitchen discussing the creative process to creating a name for your business.   You might remember a few months past I wrote sharing the journey I went on for naming a few of my businesses.  At networking events, I love talking with others to see how they came across their name. Was it something they struggled with? Did they choose it for emotional impact? Was it a very straight-forward informative name?  There are so many small businesses and bloggers that have a great back-story on how they chose their name.  Driftaway Coffee is one of … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Grow Your Scentsy Business

Scentsy Consultant - Tips and Tricks

If you found this post by doing a search on how to boost your Scentsy sales, thank you for stopping by! I signed up to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant in July of this year, after many many months of contemplation.  My sponsor, Mary, always checked in with me whenever I or my mom put an order in with her.  You know Melissa, you should really sign up so you can earn commission on this sale!  But, it took until the summer, and when their enrollment kit was on sale for $49, for me to finally jump in. I'm no stranger to starting a business, and no stranger to sales.  I worked in … [Read more...]

Consciously Being More Productive – CoSchedule Review

Review of CoSchedule

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule.  I signed up for a 2 week trial and will be purchasing a discounted paid subscription in exchange for this post.    A year ago, I was manually keeping tabs of all my posts, separated by sponsored and non-sponsored content.  Part of being a successful blogger is having more eyes on your content.  I figured with this monthly reminder of what I had written, I could flip back every now and then and schedule out some tweets or Facebook updates in case someone missed a post, or to capture a new audience. I had some amazing intentions. … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – July 2015

Blogging Financial Report - July 2015

You can view all past months of blogging financial reports by clicking here. August is here and I tried a few things out differently this past month.  One big thing is I decided to sign up for a 3-month Coaching session to discuss all that I do.  It's not just for this blog (although that is at the forefront of discussion), but also encompasses me as an entrepreneurial spirit and all that stems from that desire to work.  Samantha from Neapolitan Creative has been working with clients for quite some time and has opened it up to a group of small business owners (bloggers, wedding … [Read more...]

The Day Designer at Target

The Day Designer At Target | Whitney English

As you know, I'm a planner junkie.  I've written about the MomAgenda, the Martha Stewart at Staples, Emily Ley's Simplified Planner, and I have a new one for you!  Now, you might think that this planner hopping means I'm dissatisfied and can't find the holy grail of planners.  But that's just not true.  My life is constantly changing, and my needs are as well.  This upcoming year (well, July), I actually will be using Emily Ley's Weekly Simplified Planner for personal use as I've discovered that the Daily offers too much space and I don't have enough to fill it.  I also use a separate planner … [Read more...]

Creating a Name For Your Business

Creating your business name

This post is written as a partnership with Name.Kitchen discussing the creative process to creating a name for your business.   As a 2 time mom (soon to be third), and small business owner to 3 businesses (one now closed), naming things is difficult.    My very first business was a partnership right after I got married - to create Swarovski covered Crystal Cake Toppers.  There were two of us, and we came up with our name in 2 seconds - possibly over lemon drop martinis - Bling Divas.  A few months into the business, she relocated and we parted ways and I needed to rename our business since … [Read more...]