Dating Your Spouse – and Dating Your Kids

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I know we've read a ton of blogs, articles, etc on dating your spouse.  I whole-heartedly agree. It's important to take time, the two of you, to reignite the reasons you fell in love with each other in the first place.  But I've realized another person you should be dating - your kids. Individually.  Aubrey was the first born, and Luke's not much younger.  My afternoons have gone from chaos with both kids waking at different times from naps with noises and questions (Mom, can I have a snack? Mom, can I have fruit snacks? Mom, can I go outside? Mom? Mom Mom? --- and that's just one that's … [Read more...]

Catching up on my Powersheets – vlog

Catching up on Powersheets

I finally grabbed a moment (and my new favorite red lipstick!) to make a vlog about what's been going on with my Powersheets. It's almost the end of June, and I'm feeling pretty well about my progress!  {Purchase your own Powersheets from Lara Casey here with this affiliate link} ** I've restarted my PowerSheets journey. Check out all the posts here!** … [Read more...]

Come Join Me Off The Record

Last week Carolyn & I had another SoCal Lady Bloggers workshop on Newsletters. The awesome Hollywood Housewife spoke to us about her recent successes with the launch of her newsletter earlier this year.  She talked to us about why she started it, how she runs them, and why we should seriously consider it.     I have mailing lists for you to get a weekly digest of my posts if you don't check in regularly.  But, the allure of something secret that won't appear on my blog is kind of tempting.  I mean, yes I'm on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.  I really strive to … [Read more...]

Social Media – Being Honest with Why I’m On It { vlog }

Social Media - Why I'm On It vlog

I'm still plugging away at my Powersheets by Lara Casey.  I'm still going through the prepwork. This week I shared them with Jon. I feel that is vital as 1) it helps me to stay accountable to him. 2) I want him to know what I'm discovering as I go. 3) I want him to know what my brain is thinking.   So today's video recap is about social media.  I posted on Instagram this: Took a note from @laraacasey and cleared up my iPhone. I moved everything that keeps me "busy" to be second page. Baby steps to try and be more intentional. Thanks for chatting with us all today Lara!! … [Read more...]

Bringing Music Into The Backyard { Kinivo Mini Speaker }

Our family loves music.  Ever since Aubrey was small, she's had a collection of instruments to play with.  Jon played guitar to her quite often.  It's been a fairly recent thing that Aubrey actually dances & jams to songs.  I find her singing songs she's been learning at preschool and it's quite adorable.  At her recent open house at preschool, her teacher played one of her favorite songs and Aubrey jumped up and down, clapped, and waved her arms around throughout the whole thing. Our new house has a fantastic backyard.  I know that I'll be spending quite a bit of time outside with both … [Read more...]

Izea Sponsored Tweets Influencer of the Month

Let me tell you a story.  Mid-night feedings are so different with Luke than with Aubrey.  With Aubrey, we had cable and I caught up on my DVR while nursing her.  With Luke, we don't have cable, and they share a room, so I've been bringing him back to our room and catching up on blogs, twitter & instagram while nursing him.  One of those nights I was blog-hopping and I came across one talking about how to monetize your blog.  I was intrigued and one of her suggestions was signing up for Sponsored Tweets.  The blogger wrote that she sends out sponsored tweets for a company, Izea, to promote … [Read more...]