Blogging Financial Report – May 2015

blogging financial report - may 2015

You can catch up on March & April's financial report here. One thing I have learned over the past few years of blogging - is that no months are ever the same.  When I first started blogging for products or payments, was after I attended BlogHer 2012 and thought "why not?"  On the plane ride home I re-worked my strategy to come up with some long term goals, research affiliate links (referral links to products I like and if someone bought through those links, I general a very small commission), and collaborating with other bloggers. The collaboration was with a friend who was … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – April 2015

Blogging Financial Report | April 2015

You can catch up on my March Financial report here.  This past month has been VERY quiet on the blog.  I recently shared that we're expecting our third child, and the nausea and all-day sickness has been kicking my butt. I only shared a few posts this past month, and those that went up were a challenge in and of itself. But, I really want to stay transparent for the good/bad/other of blogging and monetizing.  So, despite the quiet posts, here's what I've been up to this month. Income Blog Posts $45 in product items Printable Sales $5 Affiliate Income none  Expenses $1.65 … [Read more...]

Trying something new – Blogging Financial Report for March

Financial Blogging Report | March 2015 |

I'm a blogger and I follow up on the blogs of others.  There's also a completely secret element to blogging.  Every conference I go to, they  talk about numbers, how many visitors you have visiting your site monthly (or daily), how many people follow you on all the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), how many repins you get.  But really, only those with exorbitant amounts of followers & visitors seem to disclose their numbers.  Not necessarily to brag, but they know that they are just proud of what they have accomplished. Everyone else?  We just say "we're a small … [Read more...]

Swap One Thing

Diabolo | SodaSwap2015

It's taken me some time, but I realize that if I need to get anything done, I have to write it down.  It's not just the visual aspect, but it's also to help me remember.  My memory is AWFUL.  I blame the kids (cute and adorable though!).  I started tracking out my To Dos for every day - no matter how big or how small - so  I can see what I need to do, prioritize it, and mark it off when I'm done.  It goes along with some of the other things you hear people talk about - putting things out into the universe, mind mapping, and I know there's another but my mind, again, is drawing a blank.  See, … [Read more...]

Starting 2015 Strong #SoFabU

  It's no secret I've been blogging for awhile.  If you're a regular reader, you know that you see sponsored content on here from time to time.  I do it because I enjoy working with brands, and I pride myself on continuing to share stories about my family in relevant ways that tie in with a specific brand.  There's one network I've worked with many times over the past year - Social Fabric - because they really encourage that narrative style writing.  The past few years, they've been having conferences in their founding state - Arkansas - but I've not attended.  Well, the one in 2014 … [Read more...]

Ice Cream, Paper Straws, and Coke Floats – #ShareItForward

I was sort of late to the motivational game in planning Luke's first birthday.  For Aubrey's I started around her half birthday.  Jon and I wanted something different and we came up with the idea for a Hot Dog Bar - lots of hot dogs, lots of condiment options.  It was fun and everyone loved it.  For Luke's birthday, I wanted something different, and what better way than with a Coke Float Bar.  I find it fitting since with both pregnancies I loved them. Jon hadn't heard of a Coke Float before me, but now he's been informed :)  After finding THE PERFECT Coca Cola bottle, we were ready to let the … [Read more...]