Blogging Efficiently – Revamping Old Content

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule. I've been using CoSchedule for 13 months and wanted to provide an update in exchange for a discounted subscription.  I've been a blogger longer than I've been a mother - or a wife for that matter. I started back in early 2008 to document all the fun items I found during the wedding planning phases of life.  It was all in fun to document - had no big plans for any monetization or even knew about that as an option.  During our journey to get pregnant with Aubrey, I started a second private blog to use as a venting place for the struggles and the … [Read more...]

Inside the Inkwell Press Planner

inside the inkwell press planner

This post contains affiliate links How I Love My Inkwell Press Planner Oh man. Welcome, fellow planner addicts.  Over the past few years I've shared some of the planners I've used.  Emily Ley's Simplified Planner,  MomAgenda's Home Office Edition, Target & The Day Designer Collaboration, and on YouTube the 365 Happy Planner.  I really might have a problem...but let's focus people! So I bought my Happy Planner last year (i think) on Black Friday while I was up nursing Ryan at like 2am.  I've been using it all year and really liked it.  The one downside was the binding.  But it's ok, … [Read more...]

How To Work With Your Dream Brand

how to work with your dream brand

I've been blogging for about 8 years, but it's taken me some time to truly find my voice and balance of blogging for fun, and for profit.  I've invested in my site through a more polished theme, attended different blogging conferences, and attended workshops and networking events to build my tribe.  While it's true that anyone can start up a blog, it does take some knowledge to find what you want to write, and how you want to write it.  It's through that journey that I've really determined my best writing (whether it's a paid sponsorship or for fun) is when I'm sharing a story.  So, here's a … [Read more...]

Powersheets – 6 months of dedication


This post contains affiliate links So a long, long, long time ago, I purchased the Powersheets from Lara Casey and vlogged about it (view that here).  Well, I didn't get far with that.  Life happened and before I knew it, we were buying our home, moving in, and having a baby.  Now that baby is 7 months old and the dust has settled a bit.  I'm getting focused back on life, and I decided to purchase a new set of Powersheets to use starting in July.  Yes, as in, a few days.   They arrived and I've been working on the first section to get ready and set my … [Read more...]

Come Shop With Me For A Sponsored Post

shop with me - walmart - sponsored posts

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I have had great opportunities come my way to work with brands for sponsored posts.  Sponsored posts come through in different forms of payment -an experience, a product, or monetary compensation.  I've worked with Carolyn (This Talk Ain't Cheap) on creating a training on how to step up your game and write better sponsored posts and what brands are looking for (if you're interested in more info, contact me!) For one of my recent sponsored posts, it was through a blogger network.  Part of the post involves creating a story (which I … [Read more...]

For Bloggers: How To Write Sponsored Posts

Everyone is Getting Sponsored Posts - Why Not Me

As a blogger, I have worked many years on building up my audience and figuring out how I want my voice to come across.  The reason I started this blog so many years ago, and continued on with it, was to be a story teller - just as I had been growing up and my love of writing. So now, with technology, I'm able to take the stories that would normally just sit flat in a journal or whatnot, and breathe in life through photos and some wittiness (or, so I think) to have it be shared with others. Along the way, that has transformed into opportunities to review products that fit our lifestyle, … [Read more...]