The Must-Haves and Good-to-Haves for Direct Sales

The Happy Planner for Direct Sales

This post contains affiliate links I've been a small business owner for several years for several different types of business.  Each one relies more heavily on one set of supplies than the other.  My crystalling business was heavy on the Swarovski crystals, glue, and using 3rd party vendors to create each custom design.  My blogging business requires a computer, internet, and paid app subscriptions.  My Scentsy business relies on paper products and other small office equipment to keep the business going. I've created this list with some must haves and good-to-haves depending on what business … [Read more...]

Long Lasting Lip Color – Covergirl vs Lipsense

long lasting lip color covergirl vs lipsense

I have been a makeup girl since high school.  But my makeup mainly covered my lids and cheeks.  I never bothered with gloss because it didn't stay put long.  My hair would get stuck to it, or my lips would get super dry and I'd need chapstick anyways. When I turned 33 and went through this whole makeup change, I bought a LOT of things for my lips.  I had really good intentions of wearing them.  But, I loved kissing my babies even more.  I hated leaving marks on them. Last fall, a friend introduced me to a long lasting lipstick.  I wasn't sure about it, but I went to learn more and left … [Read more...]

My Scentsy Story – my 19 month update

what's it like to be a Scentsy consultant - valencia scentsy consultant

It's been a long time since I've posted an update, or done a video, about how things are going with my Scentsy business! So, it's probably best to share!  One of the biggest things I've accomplished (thanks to ALL my amazing customers and the ladies on my team!!) is earning a vacation!! One of the craziest things with those in Direct Sales is the talk about free trips, free cars, and I always wonder is it really free?  So, here's the thing.  It's not costing me a dime to go.  Scentsy is paying for my air fare, my transportation to/from the hotel, the 4 nights at the hotel (Hard … [Read more...]

Blogging Efficiently – Revamping Old Content

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule. I've been using CoSchedule for 13 months and wanted to provide an update in exchange for a discounted subscription.  I've been a blogger longer than I've been a mother - or a wife for that matter. I started back in early 2008 to document all the fun items I found during the wedding planning phases of life.  It was all in fun to document - had no big plans for any monetization or even knew about that as an option.  During our journey to get pregnant with Aubrey, I started a second private blog to use as a venting place for the struggles and the … [Read more...]

The Launch of the 2017 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters

cultivate what matters - new 2017 powersheets by lara casey - Sticker Book

  This post contains affiliate links. The 2018 PowerSheets launch on 10-25-17. I have waited SO LONG for this!!! In 2014 I purchased PowerSheets for the very first time.  I thought it was the perfect time to work on them - try to narrow my focus.  I had been following Lara Casey for so long - and Emily Ley too.  I started back when Emily was working two jobs and then they both were working on the Making It Happen tour. I always thought it was the perfect time to start that. But, I was wrong. God had other plans. A few months after purchasing the PowerSheets we bought our (now forever) … [Read more...]

Be A Rockstar in Direct Sales

Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

    This post contains affiliate links I'll be honest. I'm juggling 3 kids, blogging, Scentsy, and my day job.  Some days I'm surprised I leave the house with my teeth brushed.  I always want to do my best, grow my business, and earn money to hit the personal goals I've set for myself.  (In case you're wondering, it's earning enough from Scentsy to pay for our minivan payment).  One key to a successful direct sales business is treating it like a real job and not just a side hobby.  Hustling, working hard, connecting with new people - that's so important.  But what else … [Read more...]