The Day Designer at Target

The Day Designer At Target | Whitney English

As you know, I'm a planner junkie.  I've written about the MomAgenda, the Martha Stewart at Staples, Emily Ley's Simplified Planner, and I have a new one for you!  Now, you might think that this planner hopping means I'm dissatisfied and can't find the holy grail of planners.  But that's just not true.  My life is constantly changing, and my needs are as well.  This upcoming year (well, July), I actually will be using Emily Ley's Weekly Simplified Planner for personal use as I've discovered that the Daily offers too much space and I don't have enough to fill it.  I also use a separate planner … [Read more...]

Easy to Make & Go Pancake Wraps

Easy to Make and Go Pancake Wraps

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WrapNGo #CollectiveBias Not sure about you, but mornings in the Dell household are crazy.  The kids are getting up earlier and earlier and I miss the time when I could get ready without little ones trying to play with my makeup brushes, my blow dryer, my shoes, blah blah blah.  Whenever the kids get up early, I try to have them play in their own rooms, but they always, at some point, end up at my feet with the iPad.  Getting 10 more minutes of me time is worth it. Once I'm … [Read more...]

Crane USA – Kid & Adult Friendly Humidifiers (review)

Crane Train Humidifier Review

When I was at the Pregnancy Awareness event in May, something on the Crane USA booth caught my eye - an adorable choo-choo train. Luke is such a boy and loves all things that move - planes, trains, cars, trucks, etc.  He recently got his own little train set for his 2nd birthday and he's officially obsessed.  When Crane asked if I'd like to try out the Crane Train Cool Mist Humidifier (the first to launch in their transportation line) I might have yelled out YES!!!  I only had one worry - I'd never be able to get it out of Luke's room. Shortly after it arrived, we were fortunate … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Thank You Gift {craft}

The end of another school year has come, and it means gifts for teachers.  Aubrey attends a small preschool and without a doubt, all the teachers have had an influence on her time there.  I wanted to give thanks to the 2 teachers of her class, and we made 2 additional for the women in the office who also take good care of her.  She had a bad bout of eye allergies and all have given her eye drops (what a feat in itself!).  My mom had found something on Pinterest (of course) that involved layered soil and topped with a succulent.  The great thing about living in California during a drought - … [Read more...]

Fresh Pretzels At Your Service – Pretzilla

Pretzilla - fresh pretzels delivered to your door

Once the morning sickness subsides, ask any pregnant woman what she wants to eat.  ALL THE THINGS will probably be her answer.  Sometimes cravings are things she usually enjoys.  And sometimes they're very random and peculiar - ya know, like pickles.  Big 5 pound tubs of pickles.  (been there, done that). Last month I got the most amazing email in my inbox.  Pretzilla wanted to know if I'd like some fresh pretzels DELIVERED.  I love love pretzels.  When in St. Louis, I loved that every where we ate, there were pretzels on the menu. I loved mine with a side of yellow mustard (but I'd never … [Read more...]

Mixing Breakfast and Dessert – Ice Cream Swedish Pancakes

blue bunny swedish pancakes with fresh berries

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SundsOutSpoonsOut #CollectiveBias For Mother's Day, we decided to get all fancy at home and we made a Crepe Bar.  I was in charge of making the crepes, and we all brainstormed ahead of time on what to stuff them with.  It turns out, my mom and I each had recipes for "crepes" but they were 2 completely different methods.  Mine were actually Swedish Pancakes and hers were more traditional French Crepes.  After a taste test, mine won out and we all enjoyed them.  They were super easy to make … [Read more...]