Meal Planning – June 16-22

  Sharing my meals for the week!  I hope you're following me on Pinterest to catch all the ones I've made for the past few weeks!  This week's meal planning has a few nights off and I'm very excited! It's so easy to be burnt out from cooking every.single.night.  And while I think that there will be a night of leftovers - Jon's been taking them for work lunches. So, that works but leaves us with more dishes to cook.  Oh and rest assured - each link on Pinterest I share here, I make sure they are actual working links and don't get you on some shady website. Ain't no one got time for … [Read more...]

Meal Planning June 9-15

Another week of meal planning done.  I can't tell you how much time it saves me during the week. It's two-fold really. I save time on grocery trips - grabbing everything I need on the first trip. I also save time during the week since I'm not procrastinating on what to actually cook.  Follow my Pinterest Recipe boards with sneaks on what we're making. Monday, June 9: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Fruit Salad (my mom is coming over to cook so one night off for me!) Tuesday, June 10th: Grilled Turkey Bugers, salad & french fries Wednesday, June 11th: Farfalle Spinach Pesto Chicken … [Read more...]

Meal Planning June 2-8

Meal Planning 6-2 to 6-8

I hope you enjoyed when I shared last time about our meal plan for the week. Each night I snapped a pic and posted on Instagram so you could see how it ended up.  And a lot of them are coming from my pinterest board for recipes. So here's what I have lined up for this week! Monday, June 2 - Since I just got back from being out of town, I'm going to be making a meal of leftovers. There's some taco stuff, sandwich things, and always chicken nuggets for Aubrey too. We have a lot of fruit so probably a mini fruit salad as well. Tuesday, June 3rd -  Trying out this Pinterest recipe - … [Read more...]

Meal Planning – May 18-24

It's been awhile since I've written about our Meal Planning for Newbies plan for 2014.  And it's not like me to post on a Sunday.  But, Jon starts grad school tomorrow, and the main reason I started our Meal Planning journey this past January was to give myself time to get used to having it become a part of our routine.  And, to figure out the kinks - fix what doesn't work, and improve on what does. Well, meal planning, when you DON'T do it, DOESN'T make life easier.  In fact, when I was working on my #Powersheets, I added "meal planning (when done) to ease my work week, cut down on … [Read more...]

Making Meal Planning Easier – eMeals Review

This is a sponsored post for eMeals. They provided me with a membership in exchange for my eMeals review. Enjoy! As part of a new challenge for ourselves in 2014, I came up with the brilliant idea to meal plan.  I was hoping that this would bring opportunity to lessen the dread & annoyance of figuring out what to make for dinner that I faced each afternoon.  I also hoped I could tie in our meals to what was on sale at the grocery store.  When I found out that eMeals was looking for bloggers to try out their meal plan, I jumped at it.  It fit perfectly with what my goals were, and after … [Read more...]

Meal Planning for Newbies { week 3 recap }

Well here we are, third week on my Meal Planning journey! To recap, In week one, I ran through the meals I picked from eMeals. In week two, I explained how I use the weekly grocery ads to choose our meals. And in week three,  I'm here to teach one important lesson.  It's the lesson of flexibility. As you can tell by that photo, I planned on chicken quesadilla. The chicken was to be leftovers from the crock pot roasted chicken I was making 2 nights before.  Except I forgot to take that out, and the meal I was to make switched with another night.  And then I got the stomach flu. And then … [Read more...]