How To Make a Headboard {featuring Devine Color}

  I can't tell you for how many years Jon has been wanting a headboard for our bed.  Each place we lived, however, had such a tiny space that it would have been out of place, not to mention, cramped.  The last rental had a long window that ran above the bed, so it acted like a faux-board which was cool.  When we purchased this home, and saw our master bedroom, we knew it was finally time to have a headboard.  We have vaulted ceilings in our room, and plenty of space to have a dramatic headboard. The question then became - what kind of headboard do we want? I searched on a few sites … [Read more...]

Fireplace Screen DIY for Unique Fireplace Openings

Fireplace Screen DIY

So, when we purchased our home, Jon said he HAD to have a fire on Christmas morning.  He wanted to have the fire going as the kids opened presents, as we drank our coffee & mimosas, and just enjoy the morning.  The fireplace in our home is a main focal point for the main living area and actually has multiple sides.  This caused a challenge as there was absolutely nothing separating it from the two tiny tots we have running around.   View from the back of the home towards the front door (side 1) View from the front door towards the back of the home (side 2) As you can see, … [Read more...]

Pinterest to Reality {Nail Polish Rack}

My cousin, Cyndi, is a Pinterest-a-holic.  But, unlike me, she actually executes her pins.  She has a tremendous board on nail manicure designs she's done, nail manicure ideas she wants to tackle, and a slew of DIY craft projects to complete.  One of the pins she had been dying to tackle (with the help of her handy husband) was this Nail Polish Rack.  So, here's most of the process of the rack, as completed by her husband, Jeff. Isn't it awesome!  The rack she had before was a tiny one from Target that smooshed all the polish together.  Now, with all this lovely space, she's able … [Read more...]