Paw Patrol Cardboard Vehicles

Cardboard Box Vehicles - Rocky's Trash Truck and Zuma's Hovercraft

Every year at the kids' preschool, they host a Father's Day drive in movie extravaganza.  The dads work with the kids to turn ordinary cardboard boxes into cars, trucks, planes, or even hover crafts.   Aubrey's first year Jon did a regular truck.  Her second year he created Marshall's (from Paw Patrol)  fire truck.  This year he had two to create since both kids now attend the preschool.  He asked them what they wanted and of course they said Paw Patrol! Jon did most of the work since this year he went and used spray paint instead of wrapping the boxes in wrapping paper. We also had to … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you've spent more than 5 minutes on Facebook, you've probably come across 5-10 mentions of the super hot Mermaid Tail Blanket. Whether it's crocheted, sewn, knitted - it's an adorable version that every little girl envisions. And if you read the comments on those posts - you'll find grown women wanting them too after growing up with the time of Ariel.  My friend Kat from Rocket Mommy  created this quick (AND inexpensive) tutorial that is perfect for toddlers. Why toddlers? Because she rocks the sales on remnant fabric and explains why it's best to stop there … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Longer…

how to get your kids to sleep longer - blackout curtains

When we purchased this home, we knew it would be our forever home.  We knew that my mom would come live with us, and we knew that the layout was perfect.  Each kid had their own room, and we had pretty decent sleepers.  What we wouldn't realize (due to the time of year we purchased - Fall) was that the larger kid room - Aubrey's - would turn into a sauna during the summer. Each room has big beautiful dual paned windows that let in some great light. Luke's room is located at the back of the home and nuzzled between our bedroom and the living room. His room always stays an even temperature. … [Read more...]

Growing Our Garden – New Lemon Tree

Monrovia Edible Lemon Tree Plant | Melissa Dell | Farmer Dells

This is a sponsored post and may contain affiliate links. I've been sharing on Instagram our #FarmerDell updates with all the fruits & vegetables we planted a few weeks ago.  Some more time has passed and we've been adding to our future "field."   after one month - the plants are starting to grow. The three tomatillo plants are at all different heights. The kids have each enjoyed a strawberry and there's a few more almost ready for picking. The pumpkin seeds have already started to poke up and crazy to think it takes SO long for them to be fully grown for carving. … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself – Mini Mudroom

do it yourself | mini mudroom | sponsored by Persil ProClean

Thank you Persil ProClean for sponsoring this post! This post might contain affiliate links When I first toured the home we bought last October, one room that made me do a little happy dance was our laundry room.  I've always had our washer & dryer out in the garage but this house had it inside it's own room!  Well, truth be told, it's actually more like a pass-through that connects our garage to our home.  Inside there was lots of cabinet space, a counter top, and room for a spare fridge. It just so happened that there was also plenty of space for a mini mudroom set up. I've seen so … [Read more...]

Adding Pops of Color with Our Garden

Farmer Dells - Our Front Garden

Last week I wrote about some of my February goals, and how working on something one small step at a time will build up into more steps being taken, and eventually, you're done.  Well, I took that February list and just did the things this past weekend.  Diabolo is running their #SwapSoda2015 campaign to take one thing and switch it up for something different.  For me, it's getting things done because I have a whole laundry list of stuff to do. Whenever I think up projects to involve the kids, I get a bit ambitious on what they'll finish.  I shared this on Instagram two weeks ago and it … [Read more...]