How to Save Money on Coffee with Groupon

How to Save money on Coffee with Groupon

This post contains affiliate links If you've been near a smartphone, you know one of the best apps/site is Groupon to have for quick savings on local attractions, restaurants, or even for getaways. I'm going to share with you 5 ways to save money for you - the coffee lover! 1. Check for Coupons Many of your favorite coffee joints like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, CBTL, Tully's Coffee and more offer coupons to save a percentage off your favorite coffee or latte.  Sometimes there are even promotions to get gift cards at a huge savings!  Check frequently as promotions are always … [Read more...]

Crockpot Meatloaf for Warm Summer Nights

crockpot meatloaf - ALDI SoCal Grass Fed Ground Beef

This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Summer is BLAZING HOT in SoCal.  The past 2 summers have been brutal in our home because we have super awesome (sarcasm) windows from 1968 that block absolutely no heat.  During the summer, we cook a lot on our grill and try to use our oven as infrequent as possible.  It also means our counter space has a permanent resident - our crockpot.  When I first bought one, everything always ended up looking the same after the 6 hours of cooking.  But, with amazing things like Pinterest, I'm finding more and more … [Read more...]

Stretch Your Buck – ALDI Grocery Haul

ALDI grocery opening in Southern California

This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central. This post contains affiliate links Grocery shopping for a family of 6 (the 5 of us and my mom) - the bill at the end of the trip can become quickly disturbing.  Since I make our kids' lunches everyday, we also have to have an assortment of snacks and fruits to include in there.  Recently I started making a snack for me to take to work since pumping and breastfeeding really require some good quality calories and protein.  A lot of food comes into this house, and finding creative ways to stretch your buck … [Read more...]

How to save even more online with Groupon Coupons

How to use Groupon Coupons

This post contains affiliate links I'm sure if I threw out a question on Facebook asking Quick!! What's your go-to app for  finding deals?? I'd have about 95% of folks saying GROUPON! Groupon deals in Laguna Niguel But what if I told you there's an entire different component to Groupon to save you more on places you frequently shop at online?  While Groupon Coupons might be something unfamiliar by name - it isn't unfamiliar by what it offers.  You know when you have some PayPal money sitting around (is it me, or is that like Monopoly money?) and you start browsing shops online and … [Read more...]

Stocking Up with Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials from Sam's Club

This is a sponsored post with Acorn Influence and Sam's Club.  I only partner with brands that are a true fit for our family. Thank you for reading. Last year, Jon and I went from a family of 4, to a family of 5 with my mom joining our home.  And this year, we go to a family of 6.  While there wasn't a huge adjustment period to intertwining the lives of our families, what WAS a huge adjustment was the food shopping and stock-piling of items for everyone.  When you live in separate households, you get accustomed to certain brands and meal choices.  You have your own routine of how to shop, … [Read more...]

Lunch Time is My Time – Chili’s At Home

Lunch Time Is My Time - Chili's At Home Frozen Meals

Serving Up Chili's At Home During the week, lunch time belongs to me.  It's the one meal where I can eat in silence, relax, flip through Twitter or Instagram, and just enjoy my food hot (or cold) the way it was created to be.  I don't have to worry about picking up a fork off the floor, or grabbing someone more water.  I don't need to make sure the food is cut up into small enough pieces, and I don't have to worry if the little ones will enjoy it.  At lunch, I can be creative with my option or I can have dessert first. I cherish the time, even if I am also multi-tasking and checking work … [Read more...]