Lemon roasted veggies

Lemon Roasted Veggies | Meal Planning

    I hated lemon growing up.  Absolutely despised it.  I didn't even like the smell of any cleaners or soaps that had lemon or even citrus.  I wonder if it's a phase we outgrow since my younger sister was the same way and now we BOTH love lemon.  I love lemon cupcakes & lemon frosting, lemon custard to use on scones, lemonade, lemon See's Candies, and cooking with lemons.  I just can't help it! It's so delicious and I am hoping to change the pattern of behavior and have my kids love it early on too. Although....that might backfire against me if they start sneaking my … [Read more...]

Deck The Halls & Jingle Bell Rock with Popper Chips { recipe }

  This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc and its advertiser.  All opinions are honest & mine. #ChooseSmart The month of December is a crazy time in our home.  The calendar fills up with Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, preschool events, community events, and the decorating of our home.  Before I know it, we're getting ready for New Years.  Why must this month move so fast? It's by far the most magical time especially when you view it through the eyes of your kids.  I can't slow it down, but I can do everything possible to make the most of it.  And with our … [Read more...]

Meal Planning – Thanksgiving Week

When I was coming back from St. Louis, I had a lot of time to sit and be still. I wrote a lot of plans out for 2015 and one of them was outlining my meal planning menu each week.  I have my Meal Planning for Newbies board and my recipes board with dishes I've tried and want to try.  I write out my meals and shopping list each Sunday and will record everything here as well. So for this week, being Thanksgiving, it's a bit different with the planning. Since I know we'll be enjoying a lot of the traditional meats, I want to mix in some other options throughout the week. And I really want to work … [Read more...]

Easy French Toast Bake { recipe }

  I promise you, this french toast bake is so easy you can make it with two kids crawling all over you. When we hosted our family for Easter, we overbought food. Way overbought.  Not sure if you've bought them at Costco, but they have fresh baked small rolls in the bakery department.  They're a bit taller than the Hawaiian rolls, but just around the same size overall.  We had about 500 extra. Ha ha, just kidding.  But enough to fill up 3 gallon freezer bags.  One of my favorite breakfasts for large crowds was a French Toast bake my BFF made for my bridal shower. I STILL have … [Read more...]

Too Many Tomatoes – Not a Bad Thing – 5 Tried & Loved Tomato Recipes

When we planted our garden, I knew we needed tomatoes.  We had a few plants at our last house and loved it.  But instead of just getting the big, traditional tomatoes, we also planted 2 cherry tomato plants. Planting the cherry tomatoes was amazing. I highly recommend planting those if you are looking for something to plant that spreads out the harvest.  With our traditional tomatoes (roma), I've only had about 5 that I've picked. With cherry - there's always a steady supply of ripened tomatoes.  They're also easier to prepare in my opinion. Rinse, halve, and add to your recipe!  Below are … [Read more...]

Ice Cream, Paper Straws, and Coke Floats – #ShareItForward

I was sort of late to the motivational game in planning Luke's first birthday.  For Aubrey's I started around her half birthday.  Jon and I wanted something different and we came up with the idea for a Hot Dog Bar - lots of hot dogs, lots of condiment options.  It was fun and everyone loved it.  For Luke's birthday, I wanted something different, and what better way than with a Coke Float Bar.  I find it fitting since with both pregnancies I loved them. Jon hadn't heard of a Coke Float before me, but now he's been informed :)  After finding THE PERFECT Coca Cola bottle, we were ready to let the … [Read more...]