Meal Planning – New Year’s Week

Melissa Dell | Meal Planning New Years

We're heading into a new year and that means lots of resolutions!  Well, not for me. I actually don't really make any.  I feel too easy to break.  Last year I came up with a word of the year and it was probably the best word ever. Persevere.  A lot of changes came about last year but I kept going and I'm happy where 2014 is wrapping up. But this post is about meal planning so let's get to it!   Sunday: Pulled Pork sandwiches with Mac n Cheese (blue box baby!).  I've never actually blogged the recipe I use for pulled pork but it's a spin off this one from Stephanie O'Dea (A Year of … [Read more...]

Meal Planning – Week of December 15-21

Melissa Dell | Meal Planning for Newbies

If you're new to meal planning, check out this post on how I started and why.  Oh, and be sure you follow my Pinterest Recipes board! We survived Disneyland!!! It was great to take a few nights off of meals.  But when we got home Monday, I was too exhausted to figure out the week's plan.  We were in bed by 8:30!  Tuesday was the start to our week, and here's what we have going on!   Monday - Jersey Mike's (because the LAST thing you want to do after a vacation is cook!) Tuesday - Fried Chicken Cutlets and Brussels Sprouts Mac N Cheese (just an fyi, the mac n cheese was … [Read more...]

Meal Planning – Week of December 7-13

  Another week is here!  After last week's plague that swept through our house, I'm glad to be back on track with planning out meals this week.  We're heading to Disneyland on the weekend, and also celebrating my birthday this week, so I have a lot of nights off!  My mom is also living with us now and is cooking 1-2 meals a week so we both get to enjoy cooking AND enjoy a night off :) Here's what we have going on this week: Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie - Since we made this last night, I'll share that the dish was definitely missing "something".  The top crust was a bit too crusty and not … [Read more...]

Meal Planning – Thanksgiving Week

When I was coming back from St. Louis, I had a lot of time to sit and be still. I wrote a lot of plans out for 2015 and one of them was outlining my meal planning menu each week.  I have my Meal Planning for Newbies board and my recipes board with dishes I've tried and want to try.  I write out my meals and shopping list each Sunday and will record everything here as well. So for this week, being Thanksgiving, it's a bit different with the planning. Since I know we'll be enjoying a lot of the traditional meats, I want to mix in some other options throughout the week. And I really want to work … [Read more...]

Easy Weeknight Meal – Baked Potato Bar

weeknight meal - baked potato bar

It's no secret how much I love to meal plan.  Well, I take that back, some weekends I'm really over it and I just ask Jon what he wants. I could ask Aubrey, but that would result in Chicken Nuggets & Mac 'n Cheese every night of the week.  And as we are gearing up for our big move, I really don't want to have a mess of dishes to clean up every night. A week ago, while meal planning, Jon asked if I could add potatoes to my grocery list.  I know how much he loves baked potatoes, but I am not as big of a fan.  And if you meal plan, you know if you're not really into it, you don't really … [Read more...]

Too Many Tomatoes – Not a Bad Thing – 5 Tried & Loved Tomato Recipes

When we planted our garden, I knew we needed tomatoes.  We had a few plants at our last house and loved it.  But instead of just getting the big, traditional tomatoes, we also planted 2 cherry tomato plants. Planting the cherry tomatoes was amazing. I highly recommend planting those if you are looking for something to plant that spreads out the harvest.  With our traditional tomatoes (roma), I've only had about 5 that I've picked. With cherry - there's always a steady supply of ripened tomatoes.  They're also easier to prepare in my opinion. Rinse, halve, and add to your recipe!  Below are … [Read more...]