Catching up

If you have babies, have you heard of Baby Einstein?? It’s amazing.  Aubrey can sit through 2 15 minute videos (folks upload them on there in segments) and I can do some stuff around here (like, write this blog! and finally put up her week 6 and 7 pics).  Anyways, I’ve found a few minutes to type although she’s getting fussy as I do this. But since I just NOW posted her 6 week photo, I thought I’d give you some bonus images!

Yesterday we did some christmas shopping at our mall. It was SUPER windy out here.  She slept the whole time in the Ergo and it made it easy for me to manuever around.  Most stores are super packed to beyond capacity with all their merchandise and pushing my stroller around sometimes is difficult.  We made it.


I’d also like to reach out to my fellow readers out there for your help.  I’m working on a new project and want to expand my blog-knowledge and find sites or blogs where new moms, or experienced moms are looking to learn techniques on how to raise happy kids.  So if you can leave a comment, let me know! I know we’re always trying to find out how to make sure our kids are happy. And would you know the true basis is with being happy yourself?  Leave some love people! And happy December!


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